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How do US companies pay for services (SaaS)?

Asked by fenius (5points) April 12th, 2019

In my case, the company’s online shop, payments – $ 80–600 per month

1. What is the most common and easy way for American companies pay for some Internet services (credit/ debit card, check, etc .; maybe there is information expressed as a percentage)?

2. My company is located in Poland. Advise which is payment solution should be connected to use the usual methods of website payment and transfer the payment directly to my bank account. Unfortunately, Stripe does not work for us yet…

3. Share your opinion on whether customers will be repelled by the fact that my company is not registered in the USA (at the same time, interaction does not imply durable and regular negotiations. A simple product for online stores)

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Different companies, different ways. And it also depends on the size of the expenditure. A small company will often simply use credit cards and then account for items that way. A larger company with better fiscal controls will probably have a much tighter voucher / approval / direct deposit mechanism for purchases over a certain dollar amount.

As for Poland versus the US – again, depending on the service or product – some purchases are required (or have a preference) to work with US companies, if for no other reason than problem solving – if they need service, it will be in English on the US clock, not on Central European time. And then there’s the legal side – which country’s laws govern the transaction? US or Poland? So there is a preference for a US provider.

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Some US companies set up payments through services of a (US) bank, called “merchant banking” and related companies that work with them to provide the needed software and services.

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