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According to who is it, that exercising is only good for people who already exercise/move around enough?

Asked by flo (11799points) 6 days ago

Was it on the news on April 10th/2019 or so? According to who is it, that exercising is only good for people who already exercise/move around enough/ In other words if you sit or lie down a lot, don’t exercise. Is it Harold Camping or someone similar?

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Exercising is good for everyone.

However if you are in the habit of being very sedentary you need to start exercising slowly, like walking around the block once a day before you start jogging 3 miles every day.

Camping is a Christian whack job.

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I go for walk and play football FOR FUN. Never heard of the Harold camping?

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Everyone who exercises, started from a point of not exercising.
Also, it is “according to whom”.

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@scarecrowandtinman go look at her link in the details. It tells who Harold Camping is. I had never heard of him either.

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Harold Camping was international news a few years ago. Give me (all you have?) because the end of the world is on….
“After October 21, 2011 passed without the predicted apocalypse, the mainstream media labeled Camping a “false prophet” and commented that his ministry would collapse after the “failed ‘Doomsday’ prediction”.[18][19]”

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@flo All he was after was their money and the people donated it to him and they can’t recover it by law. It was a scam to get rich for himself.

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@Inspired_2write Yes. Did they try to sue him?

@All, So, how about whoever said excercising is bad for you unless you are already in shape or you move around (for work etc.,) a lot or have been exercising. Who said that it was in the news a few days ago, and is the target the followers of Harold Camping, for exaple?

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