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If you've seen the docu Leaving Neverland, did it convince you there is absolutely zero chance Michael's accusers could be lying?

Asked by mazingerz88 (22472points) 4 days ago

As asked.

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All of them? Every single one?? No way!

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There are certain things that Michael Jackson’s most fervent defenders don’t even try to deny:

- He had a parade of very young boys who were his dearest friends and constant companions.

- These boys slept with Jackson in his bed.

- When each boy grew older, he got replaced by someone younger.

- Jackson groomed the boys’ parents, wooing them with cash payouts, luxurious vacations, and property. In many situations, he separated the compromised parents from their sons and alienated them.

All Jackson’s supporters can say is that the relationships were sweet and innocent, with no sexual contact. These people can’t argue the facts, all of them reprehensible, as untrue. That never even enters the debate, because Jackson’s behavior is so well-known and documented.

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I didn’t need much convincing. But, yes, having just overheard most of that docu playing while I did other things, I’m utterly convinced.

I’d almost be interested to hear anyone who heard what Wade Robson said, how they manage to not be utterly convinced.

Celebrity is quite a spell for people, evidently.

As is the impulse to deny and disbelieve sexual abuse.

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