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If you wanted to set up a completely fake identity, how would you go about it?

Asked by elbanditoroso (27823points) April 15th, 2019

Not just an internet identity – that’s easy.

I mean Name, SSN, birth certificate, open bank accounts, and so on.

How hard is this to do?

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Get put into “Witness Protection” !

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Is there something we should know about you @elbanditoroso? Or rather, not know?

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@chyna Ha, no. I was watching a rerun of some crime/.detective movie over the weekend, and part of the plot was that a guy basically faked a new identity.

In the movies they make it sound real easy – I wondered how hard it was in real life.

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Only way to get that, that I can think of, is to ask the most dodgy person in my circle to ask the most dodgy person in their circle, if there’s someone they know that I can buy the whole “fake identity package” from.

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The easiest way to do that, is to die and get reincarnated.
The drawback being, that most people lose all their memories in the process.

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Using your Tor browser go and search “dark web” to find someone who will supply papers for a fee. $5000?
You might start in a third world country and then move over to a first world country after a year or two. .

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It probably can still be done. But first I’d like an answer to the question of whether or not it should be legally allowed.

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“Legally”, it’s not allowed. But I don’t think the OP mentioned making it legal. You know the guvmint doesn’t like fake ID’s, unless of course they are the ones that generated it.

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Go to San Diego. Buy a rattly old pickup, blue and rusty.
Very early in the morning drive around until you see a bunch of Mexican guys sitting together. Ask if they are looking for work.
When you get a group that will hop in back, drive away from any looky Lous. When you find a good spot to stop, bring out some Coronas and pass them around, then hold up a Ben, and ask who knows somebody can hook you up.

Don’t tell anyone I told you.

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Well, if you mean “fake” as in “not your original” identity, in order to, for example disappear from regular sight of family and/or abusers, it can be done legally:

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