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Do you think the shell of the cathedral will survive?

Asked by Dutchess_III (46938points) April 15th, 2019

The Notre Dame Cathedral is on fire.. Yugely fire. But will the shell survive since it’s stone?

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Fire can jeopardize the integrity of stone structures rendering them vulnerable to collapse. I hope an engineer will answer and explain better.

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This makes me want to cry. It is not as horrific as watching the twin towers fall, but it is up there for disasters happening in my lifetime.

My heart goes out to the Parisians, the French, and anyone else who admires Notre Dame.

Will any of the building survive? Until the fire is put out and the property inspected, no one knows.

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A mosque in Jerusalem burned at the same time…..

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They save the iconic matching towers @Pied_Pfeffer.

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Hey! It looks like more than you would think was saved!
If they open in 3 years, I’d consider that a miracle. The cathedral took 200 years to build.

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Thanks @Dutchess_III, l’ve been following the news.

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