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What is a word to describe actions such as war, anger?

Asked by dopeguru (1738points) 3 days ago

Outside bursts? If someone doesn’t have calmness they may externally show aggression. Whats a short precise way to describe this? I’m looking for a word!

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What’s wrong with “aggression” or “aggressiveness”?

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@janbb Does that automatically mean war?

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wrath, hostility, agitation, annoyance, petulance

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No, only war means war. I’m not sure I understand your question. There isn’t one word that means both war and anger. Maybe the phrase “acts of aggression “ would cover what you mean as it can be both personal and national.

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Overt aggression

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fray, skirmish

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You could say “military aggression” but that doesn’t necessarily mean the same as war.

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I doubt war and anger are even closely related. I think if anybody starts a war it has very little to do with an outburst of anger.

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Darkside. Or grief.

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War and anger?? REVENGE!

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War is different from anger. Here are some synonyms for..
War: rebellion, hostility, bloodshed, combat, battle
Anger: impatience. resentment, fury, hatred are some words that could be somehow connected or a result of the 2 words..
rage and violence

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