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Other than a hospital room or funeral home, how many corpses have you seen?

Asked by josie (29098points) 2 days ago

Taking a survey. Wonder if it might matter.

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Curious why politics is listed in the tags.

Do animals count?

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I wouldn’t hazard a guess, but it’s more than a few. Mostly in car accidents.

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2 and it was a bad car crash.

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I also found a severed arm in the neighborhood when I was 4.

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2. My dad died of a sudden heart attack at home.
A boyfriend had committed suicide and I found him.

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2 humans…my husband died in his sleep. The other was after a wreck.

7 animals…several of my furbabies have died in my lifetime & I’ve found several dead critters in or near my yard.

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4. 3. from car wrecks, 1 from a heart attack that resulted in a car wreck.
1 of the first 3 was just the hand sticking out from under a blanket of a 18 year old girl who hadn’t been wearing her seat belt!
Another of the first 3 was a 4 year old girl who was run over by her mother’s car (a VW Beetle) after her mother collided with another car and the girl was thrown through the windshield.

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Only seen them at funerals.

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I have seen a fair number of dead birds, hedgehogs, mice, a cat, and countless insects, many of whom died by my own tentacles.

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1. A friend in college who suffered heart failure. I happened to be in his dorm when he was brought out by the paramedics.
2. My sister, who died of cancer.
3. Mom, who died of old age.

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None, i’ve been dead lucky.

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1 human (car accident), 1 very large dog (whom I had to carry down three flights of stairs).

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0 outside a morgue or a funeral parlor.

Tons if you include animals.

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0 humans
many animals

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Just at Funerals 3
Worked in a hospital at admitting desk in Cancer Facility.
Had to make sure that no one bothered the body on stretchers as the Funeral Parlor picked them up ..wee hours of the morning.
Numerous car accidents on the highway and slowing driving past their covered bodies.

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Three all car accidents.

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My grandpa, who was cold when we got there but dad tried CPR anyway. It really freaked me out. I could see he was beyond reviving, and it was hideous to see my dad not letting the corpse just be at peace.
I was five. I kept crying, “Daddy, don’t. Leave him alone.”

The guy who was shot in the head and dropped dead in my front yard just before I closed my jonesn4burgers profile.

That’s it. Two. Kind of odd considering how many shootings have happened right where I was.

I want to know more about that arm @RDG found.

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A few. One was a person who collapsed while hiking. I tried to save him with CPR but by the time rescue workers made it he was long gone. The others were motorcycle crashes on two different occasions.

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