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What does it mean to be named a Carol K. Pforzheimer Professor?

Asked by flo (13313points) April 17th, 2019
What does Carol K. Pforzheimer Professor mean? Is it better or less important than whatever else?

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More than likely, the Carol K. Pforheimer Professorship is an endowed chair named for someone who wanted the university to study something in particular related to health.

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It is an endowed chair that affords an academic the opportunity to study/work at the Radcliffe Institute for four semesters before they have to meet the usual professorial responsibilities.

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Lots of universities have endowed chairs or professorships that pay some additional stipend to the professor.

Pforzheimer might have been a big donor, or might have been someone else worth of honor (but who wasn’t a donor).

Apparently, she was a rich philanthropist obituary

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I thought it was related to some kind of philosophy in nutrition for some reason.

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