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Easy web page program?

Asked by Supergirl (1686points) August 24th, 2008

I want to make a classroom webpage, but my new district does not provide a server or program for that use. Any suggestions? I would prefer not to purchase software if at all possible. Creator/user friendly please! I have a Mac if that makes any difference….

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I suggest you look into,, or even These are free online web sites that don’t require you to install or learn new software. PBwiki is a great resource that I know educators use world-wide to collaborate on working documents.

Googlepages ( is another free system to use.

I think your first step may be to head over to and watch the video explaining what a wiki is and how it works.

The great thing about wikis and these online web tools is that they are cross-platform. NO Mac or PC required…just an internet connection. You can edit at home or work just the same. Be sure that the choice you select isn’t blocked by the filter your district uses or else it may be in vain as well.

Good luck!

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You might want to check out

It isn’t free but it is cheap. But if it is for EDU purposes you better make sure you know what you are doing. Accessibility is a big thing for government pages. I almost got fired for not including an alt tag for a image on a site I did for a community college. Be careful.

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I think iWeb is pretty easy to use and comes with many templates

galileogirl's avatar sponsored by Lycos. I will send you my site to look at. There are dozens of formats to choose from. It is free with ad banners but for about $5/mo you can be ad free. There is plenty of space, I only use less than 10%. You can also do a class blog for no extra charge. I have been using this site for 10 years-no problems.

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