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Could this be the dumbest customer service email of all time?

Asked by elbanditoroso (28000points) April 17th, 2019

Late last week, I received a replacement credit card in the mail from Citibank. No problem.

To activate it, I had to call their 800 number and punch in the card number, my birthdate, and some other stuff. Again, this is normal.

I just received a Customer Service email asking if I was happy with my interaction with their automated machine to activate my card.

What’s the point of this? It’s a fricking machine!

Does an ‘automated call attendant’ (its real name) have a personality? Does it care about me? Is one automated call attendant smarter or better trained than another?

What’s the point of sending me a survey to ask if I lived their machine?

note – in the comments section, I wrote that it would have been better customer service to speak to a human…

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They really are interested in how your interaction with the automated system went. Some voice systems are so convoluted and keep redirecting that they get heavy criticism.

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I received a similar email when I activated my last card. Your response was PERFECT!!! I think they are wanting to know how many customers don’t care IF an automated machine takes care of them & how many are outraged not having human interaction. Although you didn’t express outrage, you did let them know that the automated customer service is less than desirable. I don’t understand WHY they bother to ask as it’s NOT going to change anything…the bottom line is what is most important to them!!!

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They want to know just how pissed you can get after dealing with automated decision tree robots when you need to speak to an individual.

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No, they want to know if you like their automated system or not. Some people find it easier, and less stressful to deal with an automated system, as long as it works properly. Some people do not ever want to deal with an automated system and would prefer to speak to a real person. They are trying to find out which system(s) work best for people.

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You are an unpaid beta tester.
They are asking you, if you encountered any bugs.

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Maybe the majority of people would say they prefer dealing with a person on the phone, and not an automated system. The company wouldn’t know unless they polled people.

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Listen, if that automated call attendant (ACA)* doesn’t hit its monthly metrics, it’s off to the scrap heaps — or worse, it’ll be disemboweled and repurposed as a toaster.

Don’t fuck with ACA’s ability to make a living. It has a family of microchips to care for.

*patent pending

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@cookieman – best answer of the day!

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That is racist against robots.

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It sounds as if the company received the feedback that they were looking for. They offered a quick, automated option, and you would have preferred personal interaction.

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I have had to deal with inaudible recordings, failure to connect with the correct extension, and dropped calls.
Sometimes an opportunity to give feedback is a good thing.

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People just go overboard sometimes.

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