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Are hockey and baseball the only sports where the spectators can keep the puck/baseball?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (16751points) April 20th, 2019

I caught a football in the spectator area when I was a teen, and the referee asked me to return it. What are some sports where you can keep the ball/puck/ect.

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Maybe table tennis. But I doubt spectators would care enough to want one of those.

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^^^ Wayward tennis balls are retrieved. The balls in use need to wear and deflate evenly.

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I don’t know about hockey pucks but I do believe that all baseballs are replaced after being hit with a bat so the players wouldn’t want them back anyway. Balls that are more expensive and air filled would be a different matter.

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Baseballs are frequently replaced throughout the game, so it’s not really an issue for spectators to keep them.

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Boxing. You’re welcome to keep any teeth that fly your way.

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