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Why do athletes chew on mouth guards?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (16748points) April 20th, 2019

Also what is the use of mouth guards?

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The purpose of the mouth guards is to keep their teeth from being knocked out in a physical encounter. Why they chew on them, I don’t know, presumably it soothes anxiety or feels good.

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I’ve never noticed any chewing on them. Perhaps what you take as chewing is just them adjusting the mouthguard.

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It’s common for football players. I used to chew mine, when I played. I don’t know. I guess it was a fidgeting thing.

@janbb . They keep your teeth from going through your lips primarily. A good mouthpiece is actually a part of a combination of safety gear. It works in cohesion with the helmet, and shoulder pads/neck roll.

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I always chewed my mouth guard. It relieved nervous tension like chewing gum. Plus, they are not that comfortable. Not that they hurt but I never liked having that object in my mouth, so any chance I had to get it out for a moment was taking a break from it. I took my helmet off every chance I had too.

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The jaw and tongue are a huge set of muscles that require a lot of brain power; it is quite common for athletes to thrust their tongue out or engage with the mouth guard when concentrating on the game.

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Same reason folks chew in pen caps, the arms of their glasses, etc. Nervous habit + easy access.

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