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What is the strong appeal of Twitter?

Asked by mazingerz88 (24897points) April 20th, 2019 from iPhone

Opened an account years ago and took less than a day before I decided it’s not for me.

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I think maybe it’s being in touch with famous people.

I try it about twice a year for the last ten years, and I can’t get into it. I still don’t know exactly how to use it.

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I have no idea. Facebook, or all its faults, is more user friendly, and allows you to say more, and explain more, and show photos and graphs and the whole shebang, kind of like what we do here.

I think some people, do not enjoy, or simply cannot get through, long passages of discussions, so the super short, sound byte-esque way of communicating is easier for them to digest.

Can you imagine Trump here in Fluther??? I shudder to think about that. If that happened, I would love to see @Savoirfaire or @Zaku try to explain things to him. Or if our old friend @Gailcalled were still with us, she could tell him in no uncertain terms that “bigly” isn’t a word, and then explain our guidelines. And then the Mods could toss him out.

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Folks I know who use it say it’s an ongoing conversation, like constant chit chat with multiple people at once. That description alone keeps me off of it. I hate chit chat in real life with one or two people.

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Have no idea, looked at it decided not to do it.
Deleted my FB account years ago never looked back.
Fluther is the only social media type thing I do and it isn’t really social media.

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