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Why does it seem like everyone on fluther is from San Francisco?

Asked by La_chica_gomela (12557points) August 24th, 2008

Is that where Ben lives? Are you guys all Ben and Andrew’s friends, and I’m the only one who’s not?

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Dude, all of them live in Ohio.

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Yeah, we’re all from Ohio.

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No, we’re in Texas!!! ;) LOL!!

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Seriously, there’s like 25 of us from Ohio.
But yes, there are probably more between San Francisco and Los Angeles.

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But this might help visualize where are insanity is located.

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Yeah, it’s all Ohio and San Fran.

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I remember putting my location on that map. =(

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I’m in the wilds of West Virginny! I bet I’m the only one, too.

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No you’re not! Ohio or San Franciso.

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Yes, Ben lives in SF (and so do I), but Andrew is in LA and Fluther users are scattered all over the map.

According to Quantcast, Fluther actually has more users in NY and LA than SF and 25% are outside the US.

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The 916 representin’.

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is that la county?

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Bite your tongue! LA? Pfffffftt!!

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Sorry that wasn’t directed at you astrochuck, it was directed at sferik.

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I’m in Seattle.

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How do I ad to the map, I am in Florence Italy. a friend sent me a link to the site and I love it.

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I’ve never felt so alone all the way over here with that big puddle between me and the rest of the collective.

I’m sad now :-(

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where are you osullivanbr?

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Ireland. Just little ol’ me, fabulous, and Wildflower from what I can see.

I think all you guys should consider relocating.

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I would love to live in ireland!
then I could borrow some of the great cd’s you have

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born and raised. I love SF!

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Well come on then cheeb. I’ll get the kettle on…

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I’m in Maryland, near D.C., but it does seem like alot of people on fluther are from San Fransisco or just CA in general

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i am in a suburb of NYC.

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W00t!! I’m a minority!!
Does that mean I qualify as a rare and eccentric euro-trash? (always wanted to be eccentric…)

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Nothing on here about beautiful Portland, Oregon!

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Wow! thanks for the great responses everyone!!! And the awesome map!! (What is the green arrow? Does anyone else see that?)

I think my real question is: Why do the people in San Francisco have such a hard time locating:
dentists, hair dressers, tea shops, running routes, and all manner of other things.
It just seems like there are an aweful lot of questions go, “Where can I find a great _________ in SF?”

What’s the deal?

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Oh, that just because in Seattle we know where to find all these things when we first pull into town. :^>

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