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What is your home entertainment budget?

Asked by KNOWITALL (20717points) April 22nd, 2019

My husband decided to go ahead and get Netflix and a few other entertainment platforms after years of my protests, so along with two phones and wifi, I feel like it’s fairly reasonable at around $130 per month.

It still grinds my gears to be paying for tv and movies when I can go to Redbox for the occasional movie, play PS4 if I get bored, it’s almost too much of a selection now so I watch odd things. (My goal was to eliminate all trash tv, now I have an endless supply.)

What’s your limit on how much you’ll spend each month for home ‘entertainment’? Also list your price of a gallon of milk in your area for comparison if you will.


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We don’t have a “budget” per se, we just have what we have. I don’t count our phones as entertainment. We have a landline and an emergency flip phone. Not sure I count internet as entertainment although some of it is, so I will throw that in there. We have Netflix and Hulu and I think that’s about it. So maybe 70 bucks? A gallon of milk can be anywhere from 2 bucks to 3.50.

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I pay my cable bill (which includes 250 channels – of which I might watch 35) – that includes my internet. Around $200 total per month, but I need internet for my job.

I refuse to pay for Hulu or Netflix or any of those add-ons. No value to them.

Milk (gallon of 2%) was $2.60 at Costco yesterday.

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I pay $134/month for internet, landline and cable, $12/mo for Netflix and about $10/mo for Amazon Prime.

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I pay £37.00 a month for Internet and a television licence. That’s it though I am considering Netflix.
I spend around £6.00 a month on milk which costs about 50p a pint.

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Cable and internet (125) Amazon Prime (13) regular basis. Once in a while I’ll add a channel for a month or two before closing it again. Like CBS to see Star Trek, HBO to see GOT and Netflix when there’s a really good series worth the money.

Youtube is free and it’s great. Having Youtube and Amazon I’m good. Was a Hulu subscriber for years until I didn’t see a point to continue. Especially when they dropped Criterion.

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Okay, that helps. Thanks!

@mazinger The new Star Trek is worth it lol

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