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How much do you care about old stuff?

Asked by mazingerz88 (24959points) April 22nd, 2019 from iPhone

Old stuff which covers ancient artifacts to family heirlooms like furniture, figurines and silverware etc. to collectible vintage books…how much do you value these things and how interested are you in learning about an artifact’s history?

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That covers many different types of stuff. In general, I’m quite interested, particularly in history, architecture, and so on, though I’m partial to historical things, rather than more recent consumer products unless it’s something I have experience with or is interesting to me in some particular way.

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We have a few family pieces, some are neat, some we’d feel bad about giving up but we see it as clutter. Depends on the piece, as far as interest. We are probably the kids in both our family’s that care the most, as opposed to monetary value only.

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Vintage furniture, books, etc. not so much.

But, I am a history nut, and I love seeing historical old stuff. It takes me days to get through a museum with artifacts. I read everyone of those little cards that tells you what you are looking at.

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I am interested in history, I collect lots of different vintage things, and I enjoy seeing and learning about all sorts of old “stuff” at museums. I enjoy art and architecture, and historic, period piece novels. I love vintage kitchen gadgets. I love watching old movies, and listening to music from all eras.

So I would say I care a lot : )

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