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Which movie scene do you consider the most spectacular?

Asked by mazingerz88 (24898points) April 22nd, 2019 from iPhone

Could be in scope, execution, dramatic impact…

List of “most spectacular scenes in films” are welcone.

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That seems too subjective and there are so many ways for a scene to be “spectacular”... it has me thinking of scenes, but there are so many. Also the effect changes depending on whether you were watching the film in a theater, whether you’d seen it before, etc. And on top of that, many scenes in recent films that are clearly trying to be “more spectacular than you’ve ever seen” by piling on excessive effects, actually tend to backfire for me so I tend to resent them more than enjoy them.

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The “elephant scene” in “Brothers Grimsby”.

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The chase scene in The Third Man. No special effects of any kind, but the cinematography, use of lighting, music, and acting are all incredible

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River Runs Through It with Brad Pitt had some great scenery and drama. Titanic of course. Too many to list.

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The duel in the sun scene at the end of The Good the Bad & the Ugly.
Perfect score, perfect cinematography & immaculate tension.

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I LOVE the.opening scene of Top Gun.

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