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What will it take to unite America again?

Asked by chyna (44512points) April 23rd, 2019 from iPhone

During WWII, people drew together to support the troops by creating Victory Gardens and other shows of support. The Vietnam war tore America apart. 9/11 seemed to draw Americans together again. After 9/11, I saw American flags everywhere. Yards, cars, on houses, in offices. Churches in my area became packed. The only reason I can see for that is people wanting to draw together, to be with friends and neighbors. By 2003 or so, that all seemed to go by the way side. What do you think will draw us together again as a nation? Or do you think it will never happen again? If so, why?

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Much of that unity is really myth – and that’s ok. When people are calling for unity and bipartisanship, it’s really a call for the elimination of dissent. There is nothing wrong with acknowledging that there are conflicting interests. The spike of nationalism following 9/11 was not felt by all, and it was very uncomfortable for those of us who didn’t sing the same tune. This was a very dark time, and it led to a murderous invasion of Iraq, for example.

So, I don’t think “America” has really ever united – it’s just been good at getting enough nationalistic fervor whipped up (especially in the political and media realm) that imperialist ambitions can proceed. When the cost of empire starts being seen in the lives of Americans or high costs, dissident voices can start to be heard. And these are the times that are described as being “divided” or “troubled”. However, these are really the most healthy of times.

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A miracle.

It won’t happen – ever. Things are too polarized. Even an external threat – aliens, World War V, etc. – people are so into their dumb philosophies that the country wouldn’t pull together.

The Roman Empire fell, too.

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People today are generally in the mood for reform on many fronts. Just like they were when the industrial revolution changed the economy and society in the late 19th century. There were plenty of protests, strikes, riots etc. back then, and the press was also heavily involved, with (print) media political bias on both sides of the reform movement. Same shit, different century.

People who imagine the world is ending probably slept through their American History class when they talked about Teddy Roosevelt, the Muckrakers, and the other elements of the Progressive movement.

Nothing wrong with a spirited argument now and then. It helps clear the air.

Plus, if you think it’s bad now, read up on the decade leading up to the Civil War.

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I see mostly piddly bickering while big problems go either under the radar or are provided with unworkable solutions. To bring people back together we have to tear down the political propaganda machine. Mainly the media influence. The vast majority of people parrot what they hear and let the herd decide for them. Objectivity just needs a voice again.

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I’m honestly not sure what it will take, perhaps another war, another national emergency, etc… The Left and Right perceive such different things as threats, that we aren’t banding together against anything. Even patriotism seems to be partisan now, it’s sad.

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There has been much discussion of how we no longer get together in public spaces. The book Bowling Alone drew people’s attention to this. I recently heard about this book It is written by a prominent economist who looks at society as constructed of 3 pillars – the state, the economy and community. He talks about the decline of the community and its consequences. My gut feeling is that something is very wrong, but I don’t know the solution, short of an anti-technology rebellion.

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A president who tried to unite the country he is there to serve would help.

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Well, given those examples, we need a huge tragedy or a war to bring us together, and that’s kind of sad. Is a “common enemy” the only thing that could unite us? That seems to go with human nature, but it’s not encouraging for the future of this country.

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Or a common goal like getting a colony on the moon or independent, cheap and sustainable energy…

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All throughout History most rebellions are caused by a revolt of its people who are suffering economically.
So an economic collapse will cause the people to unite in a revolt against the government until a more stable lifestyle is guaranteed for its people.

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The Green New Deal could do it, or a major achievement like putting a human on Mars.

There are a lot of people who make crazy amounts of money by promoting wedge issues and keeping the country distracted and divided while the fat-cats keep raking it in. I don’t see that changing until we put back restrictions on media concentration and ownership that Clinton gutted in the Telecommunications Act of 1996:

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Perhaps the threat of an asteroid strike. One thing is certain, there will be no resolving factionalism in the face of an accelerating wealth gap—depend on it! It’s critical to understand that it is at heart economic inequities which fuel the boiling pot. We should take lessons from the previous gilded age to get a handle on this one.

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One odd thing about trump is he actually seems to be uniting virtually every normal, thinking human being in their contempt and disgust of him.

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@Dutchess_III Nope, only the people who want to hate him. I’ll partially give you that this is “every “normal” thinking human” but said human is undeveloped, distracted, immature and cannot think objectively. Take that how you will… Trump is not hard to understand. The man is egotistical, vain & childish but… I do believe he really means well and is working hard for the good of this country. I don’t think that this will be the end result if we placed the consequences and benefits on a scale but a rational person won’t hate the man for being misguided they will just disagree with him. A humble, objective person simply does not hate, they understand context and what leads people to act the way they do. They see “hated” people as “not there yet” or “likely never going to get there without the right experiences or people around them.” Hate & disgust is something for children. Mature, humble, developed and objective people don’t generally run for office or have a majority vote so…...

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Trump is NOT Altruist; he is in it for the money and his investments in “pet” area like coal and oil (Get rid of EPA) will make him and Donnie jr and Eric rich.

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I can think of a couple of options.

1. Aliens landing. Then all of us earthlings will be the us, s d the aliens will be the then.

2. The media, churches, and politicians having a message of uniting, and dumping messages of fear and hate. The ones who do it, not all do this now, but too many do.

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A lot of bending and some blind faith. On one other site, I speak of us and I do mean all of us, need to UNITE. We need to come together as Americans and get ready for the battle of our lives. I don’t pretend to have the calm of MLK. I’m too blunt at times and that rubs some folks the wrong way. We can do this, all we have to do is try.

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Try and we have to concede sometimes. I didn’t care for Hillary and I don’t even know why. Probably all the rumors affected me. But when push came to shove it was going to be between trump and Hillary, period. There was only 1 logical choice as far as I was concerned.

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Bending and looking forward instead of backward.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me is absolutely on track! Outstanding answer, mam!

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Not wishing any ill will to befall our country, but if another attack were to happen it would unite us. We need to do it now folks, not after some horror has struck.

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We’re trying. There is this one, immoral thing standing in the way.

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I wonder what it is?

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