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Has your ceramic copper pan worn out?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (14211points) 4 weeks ago

Mine has scratches and is covered in BBQ sauce that won’t come off. Should I buy another? Or do you suggest a better pan?
Is it safe to cook with stuck on BBQ sauce?

I have a Teflon pan for now.

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Don’t cook with a dirty pan. Did you try letting it soak?

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@Patty_Melt No. I will now. Will update .

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@Patty_Melt It worked. Thanks. I also used steel wool, and the handle of my fork.

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It worked the first time and then I couldn’t get it clean. It’s pretty much of a scam.

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Mine is great. There are off brands that are not so great. After cleaning use a paper towel and apply a thin coat of oil. That keeps in better condition and helps with keeping most foods from sticking.

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I’ve been less than thrilled with mine!!! A good friend bought the Blue Diamond pan & she just loves it. She said it doesn’t scratch as easily as the Red Copper pan does & food doesn’t seem to stick as bad. I’ve not tried the Blue Diamond one yet as I’m not sure I want to buy into the hype until I know a few more people who love it!!! If I’m going to have to baby a pan in order to get it to work as advertised, I’d stick with a good old cast iron pan. When seasoned & used properly, they just can’t be beat!!! The seasoning process can be a pain in the butt but the results can make it worth it.

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I have a ceramic coated pan that is pretty dinged up and has a lot of crusted on gunk… but I still love it. It cleans up pretty well with a magic eraser. I buy cheap ceramic coated pans and replace them every couple/few years.

We got rid of all teflon in our home. Did you know dental floss may contain teflon?

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@Cupcake No I didn’t. My pan I got at Wal-Mart 3 years ago for $19.99. I would say that It is worth it.

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