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Did you ever have a crush on a teacher in high school or middle school? (NSFW)

Asked by Dutchess_III (41646points) April 23rd, 2019

My junior year in high school I had a crush on my chemistry teacher for about a semester. However, it was just kind of a soft, romantic hazy crush. Any physical contact, like kissing or sex, never even crossed my mind. I just didn’t equate love with sex. If he had made some sort of pass at me I would have been horrified.

And you?

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My english teacher in primary school, so I would have been around 9, she was hot as volcanic toast.
I once got a teeny glimpse of bra through her button holes on her blouse & that had me masturbate when I went home.
As for potential sex, nah…it wouldn’t have fit.

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I had a few attractive teachers, but no I never had crushes on them, nor even fantasies about them as a hormone-stoked teenage boy.

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Soft crush on my wonderful science teacher, just such a kind patient man. Same as you, nothing physical ever crossed my mind, I didn’t date until senior year actually, and just one guy.

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My art teacher would tickle me if I fell asleep in her class.
I picked her up in class and held her in my arms. She didn’t want me to let her go, and I had to place her gently on the ground.
The principal had to break us up a couple of times.

She got married and changed her name so its ended.

In social dance I refused to participate so she told me that I could dance with anyone in the class
I said really, do you promise?
She said yes.
I picked her, and we slow danced.

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Nope, never did.

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@RedDeerGuy1 that’s wild! I can’t belive they didn’t fire her.

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I thought I was in love with my senior English teacher. I was 18, she was 22-her first job. Only 4 years difference!
I flirted to no avail.
Three years later I was home and her sister whom I knew told me she was separated from her husband.
I called her, she remembered me, we went out.
Had an ok time.
We went out again.
Had sex. It was…ok
Felt funny to let it go. Called her to go out again.
She said she was getting back together with her husband.
Guess I didn’t make a great impression.
Neither did she.
You never know.

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If she had responded while you were still in school would you have had sex with her if the opportunity came up?

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Shit yes!!! :)
I thought she was hot!
Turned out she was tepid. Probably confused about her separation.
Or maybe it was me.
But you never know.

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And before folks make an issue about it (not that you would) I was 18.
Old enough to vote.

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Right. I got that. But I think that as long as you were a student it was still illegal in the eyes of the law.
Not that I care. :)

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At the time I didn’t care either :)

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Well YOU wouldn’t have been in trouble!

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I was never into dad-bods.

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My mom would have been “disappointed”

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RIP my mom BTW

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Most of my teachers were men. Female teachers included “Fat Rat” who was built like a man and “Froggie” our French teacher, white haired and seemingly twenty years past her retirement date.

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^^^ Interesting.

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No. There too many cute girls around to crush on some teacher.

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I definitely liked my 8th grade teacher and was a bit of a pet, but I didn’t have a crush on him. I just thought he was cool and intelligent and enjoyed the several classes I had with him (in addition to being my English/history teacher, he was also my photography teacher). I used to spend time in his classroom at lunch sometimes and I often solved the weekly brain teasers he put on the white board before anyone else did. But no, I had crushes on cute straight boys.

Some kids said that a certain teacher may have had a crush on me, but I don’t think that was the case.

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Did the thought of a teacher having a crush on you creep you out @Demosthenes?

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Not in high school, but in my first year of college, I had a swooning crush on my music appreciation teacher. I was only 17.

He was not your typical teenage crush that was popular at the time, which would have been a cut, blonde, surfer type of person. He wasn’t even my typical “type”.

This fellow was probably about 30, with shoulder length, kind of greasy black hair, and black horn rimmed glasses, slightly Severus Snape-esque, only this fellow was nice, and helpful. Maybe this teacher was the impetus for my obsession with Alan Rickman, that came later. Who knows?

I saw him as brilliant, and passionate about sharing his love of classical music with us. I already liked classical music, although most people my age had no interest, or knowledge about it. We always begged him to play piano for us, and sometimes he did. Sigh…

This was definitely pure love and admiration, and I never would have considered it sexual, although I did have heart palpitations, but I would have been horrified if he had ever made a move. He was very professional and didn’t seem like the type of person who would ever go down that road with a student. He probably didn’t consider himself to be the object of teenage affection, since he wasn’t the typical heart throb type of that time period.

But I appreciated his passion, and that class pretty much sealed the deal for me, regarding my own passion for classical music.

I can’t for the life of me recall what his name was.

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Interesting that you and I would be “horrified” if they’d made a move @Kardamom. It would almost be a threat, wouldn’t it.

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Not a threat, but I did feel like I loved him purely, rather than being filled with lust, although I thought he was absolutely gorgeous. Pretty sure I was the only one in our class who thought that.

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So there is a separation between “love” and sex for you too @Kardamom?
That might be a good Fluther question.

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No crush,but my 3rd grade teacher had a killer set of legs on her, my mom just about fell over laughing when she asked how I liked my teacher and all I said she had very nice legs.
Remember it was the time of short mini skirts.

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I thought my 3rd grade teacher, Miss Hau… (deliberately deleted to protect her privacy) was gorgeous. She had a slight Southern accent – or at least i thought it was Southern. Anything other than New Yorkese was exotic. She got married during the summer.
I’m sure he was just a poor substitute for me.

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In the Summer between my junior and senior years of high school I took an extra credit Byzantine history class. The teacher was a very cute young woman who could easily be mistaken for a girl my own age if you weren’t paying close attention. Her head was a forest of big luxuriant curls, and her eyes were actually dancing with both mischief and intelligence. That tiny woman could command a room like nobody’s business. I was both entranced to distraction and annoyed as hell. She had a habit of wandering around the class while she lectured us, and more often than I cared for would stop beside my desk and with absolutely no shift in her discussion those dancing eyes of hers would focus and burn holes in my own. It was both exhilarating and terrifying, and I have never experienced anything like it since. Right there looking down and into me, her mind clearly carrying the lecture while her eyes said “I know you and could put a leash on you, and YOU would be grateful”. Then back to wandering the room leaving me sitting there apparently dazed, and certainly embarrassed at the eyes in the room choosing to linger on the devastation from the pause in her tour. There would be variations in what I can only describe as these erotic humiliations, as I learned better than to look into her eyes at the pausing, she took to stopping just behind my left shoulder—and NOT moving on for minutes at a time. It really pissed me off and I never doubted for a second that she knew it. One morning, I arrived late for that class headed for my desk, while her voice boomed at my back “Good afternoon your royal highness.” I didn’t know whether I was in love or at war, but I resolved then and there to embark on measures of reconnaissance with my adversary? So I set about finding out all I could, and that’s another tale in itself.

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Not that I can think of. My first real LTR was with a girl who just started teaching at the high school I graduated from. There was overlap when she was a teacher and I was a student but not much and not when we were dating. I was out by then and we met outside of school so I would not count that. In college there were a couple.

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@stanleyanly Wow! That was a great description. That read like the beginning of a very good novel.

Have you ever thought of writing a book? I want to know more about what happened next!

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^^^Reminded me of EC, but it wasn’t about the ocean.

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@Kardamom have you ever known anyone who didn’t think about writing a novel? I’m lazy, and by now lacking in discipline.

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@stanleybmanly, except for a couple of relatives who have written books, non fiction science related books, I can’t think of anyone I know who has ever told me they would like to write a novel. Not even me, although I love to write, but not fiction. I don’t have the mindset for fiction writing, although I love to read good fiction.

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I’m surprised. Damned near everyone I know thinks they have a book in them. My lifelong friend finally ceased submitting his short stories to various internet journals after a solid decade of chasing his dream. You’re telling me that you don’t know people trying to get you to read their stuff?

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And meanwhile, 50 shades of grey gets turned into 3 movies.

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Stanley, no. Most of my friends are artists, teachers, homemakers, in product development, or run small businesses. No writers. Except for my two relatives who have written scientific non fiction, no one else has shown any interest in writing novels.

That being said, all of my friends seem to be avid readers and like to talk about books. Books they’ve read, books they want to read, and how important and joyful reading books is to them.

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@JLeslie Yeah, me neither ;-}

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