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Do you like the sensation of being scared, when you know you are safe?

Asked by jca2 (5390points) April 24th, 2019

Do you like the sensation of being scared, when you know you are safe?

Two examples I can think of are scary movies and scary amusement park rides.

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I have never enjoyed being safely scared. I’m pretty sensitive to sensations and that adrenaline rush does nothing for me.

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I hate it. Like @janbb, I am already sensitive to stuff.
A well-crafted psychological thriller is something I enjoy, but it’s the intelligence of the writing that appeals, not the scare factor.

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I did not care to be frightened when I was young and like it less as a senior.

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I enjoy it and always have, yes.

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I do, but only a certain kind of scary movie, like the Japanese film the Ring. I also enjoy reading the ghost stories of M R James. The television adaptations of his stories are also excellent. Algernon Blackwood is another author who has written short stories which are terrifying in a delightful way.

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I absolutely love the “safely scared” feeling, and I get a huge thrill out of it. But what I do hate is torture porn in modern horror movies. The beginning of Saw 7 almost made me pass out. It’s the slow build up of violence that makes me sqeamish. While something like Saving Private Ryan doesn’t bother me at all

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I like some scary movies The Quiet Place, Paranormal Activity, and Poltergeist, but I do not like slasher movies. I liked Jaws, but modern “scary thrill” movies are way too much for me.

I enjoy some ghost story books, and thrillers, but not graphic gore. I like Dracula and Frankenstein, and back in the day, The Amityville Horror was a nice, good scare.

I like the very safe haunted mansion at Disneyland, but I don’t care for most roller coasters, or anything with a drop.

I have a fear of heights, and falling, so I don’t like anything like that.

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Oh I am simply thrilled when I lay my head on my pillow at night & close my eyes, never knowing if a recently fired member of staff will have the gumption to stab me as I sleep.
Still…never mind eh?

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I like being in bed, under the covers during a thunderstorm. It’s a little bit scary, but a lot comfortable, too. Sometimes I wonder if animals feel the same way, safely tucked into their cozy burrows when it’s storming.

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Not a big fan of either. And being startled is not appealing to me at all. I do like disturbing movies, like psychological thrillers, but traditional horror I don’t care much for.

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Not on amusement park rides. Part of me is not amused by that nor trusting of the safety.

I tend to take danger seriously and what it tends to do is alert me and get me to want to take action to address the danger. Amusement park rides tend to make me feel unsafely trapped and tormented.

I do like more tame amusement park rides that don’t cross the line into actually making me physically scared.

As for films, it depends a bit on the nature of the film, but I do very much like it when I can immerse into the fictional situation and relate to it like there is actual unpredictable danger to the characters and their actions make a difference. I tend to hate contrived fiction where I have a sense that their actions make no difference and characters will be killed or not for dramatic or thematic reasons instead.

Similarly I like games about dangerous situations where there are real risks of danger that make sense and that the players can try to strategize in ways that make sense. And similarly I dislike games that pretend to be about that but that are actually contrived and have mechanics that don’t make sense, force outcomes, etc.

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Yes, that’s why I like scary movies. But just couldn’t stomach a roller coaster ride.

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I’m with @Demosthenes. I don’t like bloody horror movies, but I do like suspenseful movies.

Getting startled just pisses me off. Once my ex snuck up behind me as I was sitting on the floor and screeched and grabbed me. Scared the shit out of me. I had a small empty box nearby and I threw it at him. It hit his leg. Boy, he got pissed at me. Asshole.

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Truth is, if you’ve ever been really scared, as in mortally scared, then what you call being scared in a movie or on a roller coaster is not actually being scared.

So the answer is I neither like it nor dislike it. It’s just another low level thrill.

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@Josie: Yes, that’s why I wrote “when you know you’re safe.” When you’re really scared and you know you’re not safe, it’s no fun.

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