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Are there some stars who accepted a role in a movie, and that movie destroyed their career?

Asked by Dutchess_III (41652points) April 24th, 2019

I think of Woody Harrelson. He was so cute in Cheers, then he did “White Men Can’t Jump.” That was a cute movie.
Then he did “Natural Born Killers,” which was a very disturbing and dark movie…..and I pretty much haven’t heard of him since then.
Can playing certain roles get an actor black listed from other movies?

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Don’t think that film hurt Woody’s career but I could be wrong. I’ve been seeing him in films. He was with Demi Moore in Indecent Proposal.

My guess is it has more to do with a film’s earnings that sometimes affect their career.

I can think of that actor Jim Caviezel who played Jesus in Mel Gibson’s film. Have a feeling the controversy generated by that movie hurt Jim’s Hollywood career.

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Indecent Proposal was in 1993. Natural Born Killers was in 1994. I’ve seen him here and there since then, in small parts, but for some reason I expected more of him.

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^^Sure I could see Harrelson’s potential to be a bigger star. I think he’s a very good actor. In Hollywood though, having the right manager is critical.

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Harrelson has actually had an excellent career, with a broad range of roles in very successful films.

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No Country for Old Men. Woody pops up frequently enough.

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I looked…he’s actually made quite a few movies but none of them are the kinds that appeal to me. Maybe that’s why it seemed like he dropped out of sight.

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never saw zombieland??

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The Hunger Games
True Detective
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

C’mon. The man is busy in the industry and has made a great name for himself.

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No Country for Old Men. He only had three scenes I think but they all made great impression.

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Good. I’m glad he succeeded @Stache. As I said it was in genre I’m not interested in so that’s why I didn’t notice.

Are there any actors who accepted a part and we never heard from them again?

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^^This example is actually in reverse. There’s one who accepted a part in a reality TV show but since day one we NEVER stopped hearing from him.

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Who are you talking about @mazingerz88? Trump?

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^^Sorry. Yes. Lol

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Harrelson is a bad example, he had a major role in the Hunger games trilogy, he was just in a Star Wars film, he played across from Matthew McConaughey in the first season of True Detectives which won a bunch of awards I think (it should have—that’s for sure).

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My bad. I have never seen those shows.

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This is one of those rare occasions where most of the respondents focus on the details, and not on the title question. However, I’m not even replying to either one. ;-)

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^Yes. And so many complain about those who don’t read the details.

I’d say Nicholas Cage. I can’t think of the film that was his downfall but the man has been tumbling for some time.

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I used to abhor him as an actor too. I couldn’t figure out how he got so many roles. He has one face, one emotion. I do like “Guarding Tess,” though. Now I have a grudging respect.

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Cage is a capable actor. He just takes on any script he’s handed that isn’t outright porn. I have never seen an A list actor in so many TERRIBLE movies. But there are movies like “Adaptation” which exhibit the man’s abilities.

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Cage seems to have stopped caring about the quality of his projects.

No doubt he still wants exposure and probably needs the money what with his lavish spending and wealth mismanagement.

But he ruins whatever good reputation he has by seemingly not knowing when to quit or refuse a project not worthy of his fans’ time.

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What about Robert De Niro?

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Robert DeNiro is awesome. What movie did he star in that destroyed his career, @LostInParadise?

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He made some great movies, but he has also been in a lot of clunkers.

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It really depends on if a star has the acting ability to get people to want to watch a movie. I look at Rotten Tomatoes before watching a movie. If it has a low score I wont watch it no matter which actor is in the movie.

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DeNiro’s latest claim to fame is playing Muelller on SNL.

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