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How do I make an External Hyperlink in Dreamweaver site?

Asked by Scrumpulator (564points) August 25th, 2008

I can not figure out how to make a hyperlink that targets an external site, away from my site, every time I place a hyperlink and select the website, it try’s to open the “www” within the site, for example: It puts the hyperlink within my site index files, and because the site I am trying to hyperlink to is not the site index file that is my source. This is an EXTERNAL WEBPAGE, MINE STILL, BUT ANOTHER SERVER, WHAT DO I DO?

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Have you included ‘http://’ at the start of your link?

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Ben’s right on. Without the leading http://, the convention is that you intend a relative url, instead of an absolute one.

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It’s all about the http://...

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Ironically Fluther adds a slash and so that URL can’t be loaded as it’s an invalid protocol!

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Fluther does all kinds of frustrating things when parsing out textile for urls. Don’t even think about trying a direct url that contains hyphens… they’ll textile-transform into em-dashes (or en-dashes, I forget which).

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Hehehe. I doubt http:// goes anywhere, anyway…

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Actually http:// takes me to my localhost. Interesting!

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@lapilofu, what browser you in?

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Safari. Interesting that it depends on browser behavior.

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Ah… looks like Safari…

1. assumes the “third” slash is superfluous and removes it
2. attempts to simply go to http : //
3. has a rule built in to redirect to http://localhost/localstart.asp in that scenario

And isn’t it interesting that that default is to an Active Server Page (Microsoft technology).

Pray tell, what OS are you on? (I’m on Win XP and wondering if there’s an OS distinction.)

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I’m on OS X and it doesn’t go to /localstart.asp, just the equivalent of http://locallhost/. It’s not a redirect—not in the URL bar at least.

But that probably has to do with how server settings on apache for unix differ from a personal Windows server.

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Yah, I agree.

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This discussion turned out weird

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