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Can you see this change happen in your country soon?

Asked by Inspired_2write (13249points) April 25th, 2019

Ukraine just elected an actor/comedian as President of the country because the people were tired of the corruption of the Governments. Can you see this taking off in other countries?
Here is the link to an interview in Canada.
Very novel and interesting development that I personally think will take off.What do you think?

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No. People here are way too stuck-up for that, I believe.
Not that it is a novum, anyway, seeing as you already elected a living punch- line.

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I don’t think the man was elected because he was a comedian. He probably had a good message and platform that the majority of people liked.

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Um, yes, that’s pretty much how Trump got to be President. He offered a possibility of a change from govt to business/ actor. Seems like a lot of the world is tired of the status quo.

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It has happened. Ronald Reagan was an actor.

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Show business politicians are by now old hat here. It’s to be expected from a population increasingly prone to the confusion of pop entertainment with real life.

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My state got stuck with Arnold Shwarzzenegger for awhile : (

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Stephen Fry for Prime Minister…actually yeah!!

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