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In view of his behaviors, should the House open hearings on the President’s sanity?

Asked by stanleybmanly (21678points) April 25th, 2019 from iPhone

There’s no longer any disputing that “things ain’t right”. Haven’t things progressed to the point that inquiries are required to determine just how “not right” our President is?

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No. His behavior is the same crazy crap that got him elected.

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What has that to do with anything? He was also in all likelihood a criminal. Of course he was crazier than shit when elected. But how long should he be allowed to go on proving it? Is the man’s mental state a threat to the wellbeing of the country?

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If he’s doing things that are illegal I’m all in favor of doing something about that.

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And his mental fitness?

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@stanleybmanly From what I understand some sort of mental fitness test is done during his physical. Not that I think it means anything, Reagan was losing it, and “they” covered up for him.

I’m guessing Trump would pass whatever test they would give him. People would argue it’s the will of the people that he stay in office.

I think we have to focus on specific actions rather then a general mental fitness test when it comes to Trump.

Just my opinion.

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So there are insufficient irregularities to justify an inquiry? (I realize that I’m poking at your resolve to maintain impeccable moderation)

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Mental illness cannot be diagnosed from public behavior. It does a disservice to us people who live with mental illness to call the president insane. Mental illness is complex, and the stigma involved in receiving a mental health diagnosis is compounded by nonchalantly throwing around accusations such as in this OP.

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So the President’s public behavior is irrelevant as an indicator to the state of his cognitive functions? Are you telling us that because it walks and talks like a duck it must not be a duck because it walks and talks in public?

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IMO there is cause for professionals to get involved.

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@stanleybmanly You are perpetuating stigma, and I’m out.

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Do you seriously believe that I asked this question to stigmatize mental illness? Are you telling me that inquiries should not be made into the President’s mental health because it will cast a negative light on those struggling with such demons? Actually TW your answer brings up another question worthy of note.

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This topic has been discussed a few times here, here, and here. Also relevant.

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Come to think of it, I can fully appreciate why TW and anyone involved with the struggle against the demons of mental illness would be repelled at the possibility of being lumped into any boat containing Trump. I apologize for the insult. I certainly didn’t mean it that way.

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@hmmmmmm Thank you for the links to those questions which I’d completely forgotten. And thanks for the final link, which I hope everyone here will read. It is indeed a dilemma that mental illness is inextricably linked with issues of competence, because many of the greatest minds we’ve produced have been so afflicted. Clearly Trump is not in this category. I noticed that the last article from that link concerned the great damage to their self worth experienced by those stigmatized with the label of mentally ill. I am trying to imagine Trump confined to such a fate, but I just can’t envision such a thing. But here’e the weenie. The competence issue is REAL, and frankly a diagnosis of legally insane would probably be the kindest excuse for his behavior. And it doesn’t matter if the verdict is lead poisoning or witchcraft, the question looms and grows ever more urgent as to just what’s up.

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@stanleybmanly I keep thinking about how in the military an officer in charge can be found incompetent, and relived of their command. I think that is where you are going with your Q. I’m not exactly sure how that happens when it concerns the president. Can the VP do this? Does it have to be a medical professional? I really don’t know. I think usually officers get relieved of command when they are putting soldiers in unwarranted danger. I guess a lot of people would argue Trump puts a lot of people in unwarranted danger, but I think a lot of people would argue he doesn’t.

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It’s certainly a bit unnerving for us all that a guy like Trump should hold the nuclear codes.

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Some people believe that conceit shows mental illness. It doesn’t. Bragging doesn’t. Lying doesn’t. Insulting people doesn’t. Exaggerating doesn’t.
Sounds like politicians to me.

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@stanleybmanly Those other brilliant minds were in mathematics and quantum physics and art, not running a country. I agree that some mental illnesses lend themselves to genius, but only in one, maybe 2, areas.

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This is not normal adult behavior…

Trump is no normal adult. He’s our president. This is downright scary.

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