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How strong of a contender for president do you think Joe Biden will be?

Asked by Dutchess_III (41810points) April 25th, 2019

As asked.

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He’s Clinton 2.0 and the Dems will lose if they nominate him.

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He is kind of a joke.
Like that weird uncle you have, of whom you are not sure whether he has dementia or not.

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I bet he doesn’t make it through the primaries. Should be a fun primary season though. Can’t wait to watch.

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False teeth. False hair. False chances.

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Creepy Joe was against the raid that got bin Laden.
He’s done.

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For once, I agree with @hmmmmmm. The Democrats will lose if they nominate him.

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There was a time he might have had a chance, but that ship sailed.
I agree with the weird uncle comment.

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Too late for him in my opinion.

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So glad I read these answers ! I was thinking he had a good chance. Can’t wait until the primaries start ! I“ve been reading that Bernie has a good chance but you know, I actually don’t believe it. lol

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Judging by his previous runs for president, not very. Plus he’s just way too old, in my opinion. Also there’s inappropriate touching – justified or not, that shit’s gonna hang around his neck like an albatross.

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Isn’t Bernie even older than Biden? I wish Bernie was about 30 years younger.

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I believe Biden is a year or two older than Sanders. Ether way both are much too old at this point.

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Isn’t that workplace age discrimination? Good thing voting is private. Sort of.

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No. And, be honest, would you hire a 78 year-old?

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Walmart would!

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Lots of 78 year olds work where I live, but they aren’t handling world affairs.

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Sure, to stand there at the door saying “hi” all day.

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@Darth_Algar I am not answering for @Dutchess_III, but my dad runs his business buying and selling used books, and he is 76. My FIL sold his sub shop business when he was 77. He was there 6 days a week 7:00am to 6:00pm with an hour commute to the shop. He owned that store for close to 20 years. More recently he worked at a supermarket in an extremely busy deli department for a short time when he was 79, but he didn’t stay there very long for multiple reasons, so he quit, but he still wants to work.

The are many people in their 70’s working at Lowe’s, supermarkets, and other businesses where I live who do more than just say hello who are in their 70’s. Then we have a tremendous amount of volunteers in their 70’s teaching Zumba, competing in senior games, giving lectures, running discussion groups. Again, it’s not running the country, but it is more than just saying hello.

I hope to God I am not working in my 70’s, it is the one thing that keeps me working now in my 50’s. That and the cost of healthcare. I wish I had $5million dollars I wouldn’t worry about working at all.

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All those words and you still missed what I said entirely. I said nothing about 70+ year-olds working, per se (especially those that own their own business). What I said was would you hire one. Few people would for jobs of any importance, and you know it. Hell, people in their 50s often have trouble finding meaningful employment. Because many companies don’t want to invest in an employee who’ll be retirement age within a decade or so.

But that’s getting well beyond the point of my comment anyway.

Yeah, guys like Biden and Sanders may be in good shape now, but at that age especially ones health can very quickly take a very sharp decline. My grandfather was 87 and still taring his roof and riding his bicycle out to his favorite diner by the highway (7 miles, one way, from his house) if the mood took him. He was in great shape, until one day he suddenly wasn’t doing so well. He was dead within a couple of weeks.

Declining physical and mental facilities can, and often do, happen very quickly once you get to that advanced age. Add to that the most stressful job in the world (hell, just look at photos of Obama, see how much the job aged him) and it’s not really a great combo.

Plus I support an age limit on the presidency (and Congress, for that matter) because I believe that those making long-term policy should be those who’ll still be alive to deal with the consequences of that policy. And if there is a minimum age to run for president then there should be a maximum age.

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@Darth_Algar Around here they hire them, but I do completely agree that there is a lot of agism in hiring. People assume someone older won’t be as quick, or have a lot of energy, but often that is incorrect. Having many years of experience is usually a positive not a negative. People over 50 often are discriminated against because they are expensive, but for the presidency the pay is not the issue.

Biden doesn’t seem to have any memory problems, and neither did McCain.

People criticize Trump’s weight and what he eats, I think that is meaningless bullshit. He isn’t extremely overweight, and if he wants to eat a hamburger I don’t care.

We be looking at actual behavior and what candidates actually say, not just judgements based on what we think older people can do. Young people especially are notoriously wrong about old age and older people.

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They only comment because the fat slob has the nerve to fat shame women and other fat people.

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