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What is the best way to get rid of a bee hive?

Asked by joli (633points) July 29th, 2007

I have an underground hive and colony of bees in my front garden. I'm unable to work out there and afraid of getting stung.

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Bees are generally our friends, but if they are nesting underground where there is traffic;

Google: ground bees for more similar info

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Make sure they are the stinging kind before you eradicate them. I know we used to have a carpenter bee problem and I think they were living underground in front of our entrance but they never hurt anyone.

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look in your phonebook for a ponthiary they will come get them from you for free

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hit it with a baseball bat and run as if a fat kid picked up speed, fell down, and starting rolling at a mass speed, like the rock from indiana jones! oh noez!

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Carpenter bees (aka borer bees) are called that because they drill symmetrical holes about 3/8" diameter in a horizontal piece of wood. They bore straight up for about an inch and then make a right angle turn to store their larvae. If left alone, they will co-exist happily Males don't sting and females will spear you only if very annoyed. Woodpeckers go after the larvae and gouge long strips out of wood in order to reach their snack.

Eliminating ground bees can be painful if using amateur technques. Keep the epinephrine and a friend handy. (What's a pontiary? Google it and see what comes up!)

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