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Have you ever sold a painting? How much did it sell for?

Asked by patrica (15points) August 25th, 2008

I have some paintings, planning to sell them..but I don’t know the prices to fix for each paintings..any suggestions?

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did you paint them?
I sold a couple of antique miniature portraits (painted on ivory) for $500.

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It depends. I would suggest going to some local art fairs and seeing what prices are doing in your medium. If you have a picture of one of your pieces post the link. I’d love to see.

I apologize. I read this as if you had done the paintings. If these are done by other artists, do some research on the particular artist and try to value from that. If you find that they might be in demand go to an art gallery for an appraisal.

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I got all excited by the ostensible question. I find this is not the place to tell you all that
yes, I have sold a great many paintings, mostly in the low-hundreds but in some cases
in the several-thousands. Oh well.

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