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Embarrassing story about younger brother's bully, did something similar happen to anyone else or is it just me?

Asked by nerdgirl578 (1443points) April 26th, 2019

This happened a couple of years ago (but I still think of it sometimes) when I was 18 and my brother was 11. He was bullied pretty badly by a boy in his class and was even scared to walk home from school. One day I decided to teach the little brat a lesson.

I went to their school when they quit and started following my brother from a distance, hoping the bully would appear. Eventually he did and as he started pushing and beating my brother I ran up to them. I had never seen the kid before, he looked like a classic bully, big and almost obese.

I started yelling at him, telling him to leave my brother alone and so on, but he wasn’t scared at all. He just laughed and said something rude, and then he pushed me up against a tree really hard. As I tried to break free the stupid brat grabbed my panties and gave me a wedgie! I screamed in shock (and pain) and cried out for my brother to help get him off me, but he was just standing there and didn’t know what to do. The boy told me I should mind my own business (and to be honest I wished I had).

Luckily at this point a car came by and the boy let me go. Me and my brother ran the rest of the way home and I told him we’d never speak of this again… I was so embarrassed, getting owned by someone that young! The kid moved to another town shortly after this, such a relief :)

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That was an assault. It was time to get the police involved. I was bullied all through school but not like that.

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Thanks for sharing this personal story with vulnerability, and I really hate that this happened to you. I agree with @snowberry that it was time to get the police involved. I guarantee it would have been very bad for the bully.—can you imagine how it would have been for him facing his family and the law over this? His Juvenile record would probably be sealed, but it would have traumatized him probably a great deal, as he deserves. What happened to you was worse.

I was bullied by children MUCH younger than me (10–11 year olds) in my early and mid teens, because I was bullied by people my own age and younger kids caught on, and I refused to defend myself. There was no way a guy the age I was then could fight back if it was younger kids, or tell about such experiences.

The assault you experienced would have probably been considered a sexual assault, and you ad the extra humiliation of this being done by a much younger person—a kid. And being an adult legally there was not much you could do to even defend yourself. You might have not even been believed if the kid lied. Then again, he could have had the double jeopardy of being legally and permanently marked as a bully and sexually assaulting an adult female, which might have landed him in mandatory counseling or something similar.

Thanks for defending your brother. It meant a lot, even if the outcome ended this way. I just want to assure you that you did the right thing and I admire you for it, even though it had humiliating and unexpected results. You did the right thing and there was nothing you could have done any better than what you dd. I’m Just sorry it was not really possible to involve the police back then. Maybe its best forgotten and had ended the best way it could have.

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You did what you did out of love, and loyalty. You bit off more than you can chew. Lots of people do that.

Bullies don’t back down just because they have been told they should stop. If you are not confident you can physically take on any bully, you must just stick to observation, and report the boy to school authorities, and if his behavior is severe, then also police.

I suffered bullies in my teens. My younger brother was even younger. I worried for him, but he told me to stay out of it. One winter day this boy followed my brother home, and challenged him. They went to the back yard.
There was ten inches of snow and the sun had shown which only melted the surface, and refrozen making a thick hard crust everywhere. Cold as it was, my brother took off his coat. Man! He was such a wimpy boy, but that day I saw him mean business! In no time the bully was on his back, and my brother was straddling him. I saw him put his hands upabout a foot apart. It looked like he was calling on god or something. He brought both hands down fast above the boy’s head. It was a kind of double karate chop at the snow. He picked up a big chunk of icy crust and bashed that boy in the face! I never expected to see my brother victorious in a fight. When he came into the house red from the cold and soaking wet, I told him we should talk to the school about this guy. He said they worked it out and decided being friends was better. SMH boys.

Years later, my much younger brother came home beat up because he was protecting kindergartners. My brother was only in the second grade.
I talked it over with my friend, and we agreed to confront this bully. The next day we were at the school when it let out. My brother discretely pointed out the bully and I sent him home. My friend and I followed the bully for about a block, then confronted him. We told him we knew what he was doing to other kids. We shook our finger at him, and did a bunch of shoulder poking. We totally lied saying we knew his mom, and we would tell her if the abuse happened ever again. That did the trick. He got pretty scared.

There is a million ways these things can play out. You have to have a lot of confidence in yourself to confront bullies.
I understand how the humiliation of that day can stick around in your head. Just know that your brother has seen what you are willing to endure on his behalf.

Just be careful that your protective instincts don’t get you into any more frays.

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I was attacked by a younger woman who beat me senseless. I learned to respect them all

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Thank you for your kind words, and yeah it ended well enough.

Yes, I wouldn’t do anything like that again. I didn’t think ahead, I didn’t think he’d stand up to me and even if he did they were only 11. My brother was still very small, but this kid was a lot bigger and stronger and I’m not very athletic… Luckily my brother hasn’t had any trouble with bullies after that though. :)

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