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Have you ever had a tooth knocked out, or got a cut that left a scar, in a fight?

Asked by josie (30931points) April 27th, 2019

Not talking about athletic contests, unless it was a fight during the game. Boxing and martial arts contests don’t count.

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In grade 5 I got my eyelid scraped in a fight, but now its healed and can’t tell what eye it was.
I was chased up a tree by teens and I fell down and scraped my right side. It finally healed.

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In a fight, no.
But I did trip once and slammed my mouth on the corner of a school table.

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Yes I had a fight in high school and it was my girlfriend’s little brother. He beat me up for having sex with his sister .When she found out she broke up with me.The next girlfriend I had sex with dated my ec girlfriends little brother and yes I got beaten up again

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Just realized I asked a similar question previously. Forgot all about it.
Thanks for your answers anyway.
My bad

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