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Do you use @username or type @with almost the username and why?

Asked by flo (12904points) April 29th, 2019

I never use @almost username (I use @bobby not @Bobby) because I want whoever I am addressing to find my post in case he/she only has the time to read and respond, as opposed to read all posts.

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…Assuming the real username is @bobby I don’t change it.

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@flo I use the name exactly as written. That way it is highlighted in red.

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Almost user name, my mobile doesn’t auto-fill and I’m not typing all these weird names and spaces and underscores. Ya’ll know who I’m talking to.

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“Ya’ll know who I’m talking to.”

I all do now.

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@Incoherency_ If you like that, we’ll be besties afore long. :)

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Or you could use the ^ arrow key favoured by bitter folks who can’t bring themselves to highlight your rather inconsequential username.

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@LuckyGuy that makes sense. I don’t understand spending time to ask or respond to someone but not have them read it.
@KNOWITALL You can copy and paste it too.

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@flo On mobile? Sounds like a lot of work. I just put the first of their user name, they should be able to figure that out…lol

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If a user has a long name and I am on my cell phone, I sometimes use the arrows up (I don’t even know where that is on my regular keyboard, and right now I am typing in the dark, and can barely see my keyboard) or shorten their name. I try to write it out fully usually so it will highlight red, but it can be a pain in the neck if their user name is very quirky, or doesn’t really spell anything. On my computer it’s no problem.

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What do you think of this page about copy and paste on smartphone?

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@KNOWITALL…try to figure out how to copy and paste on your phone.
On my phone I hold my finger on the user name. An option to “select” comes up. I choose it and it highlights the name. Then the option to copy it comes up . I choose that. Then I hold my finger down in the answer box and an option to paste comes up.
It’s clunky….but using the phone for all social networking is clunky.

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