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Difference between a trailer and a teaser?

Asked by anthony81212 (389points) August 25th, 2008

I’ve always thought there were only trailers for a movie. Until I recently saw a teaser on the iTunes Store. What is the difference? As far as I can tell, they seem to do the same thing – preview and hype the movie they are talking about.

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I’ve been told that it has to do with LENGTH, mostly, in that a “teaser” is usually around 30 seconds or so, while a TRAILER can be a 4 or 5 minutes long.

August 25, 2008, 11:39 AM EDT

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I believe a trailer highlights the movie and a teaser does so in a less specific way to make you curious about the movie. If you ask me a teaser is more of a type of trailer . Usually teasers are shown way before a trailer is shown to catch your inerest for when the movie comes out.

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A trailer can be made before they are done filming. a trailer is something they make just before the clipping is done.
a trailer is longer and shows more of the same clips you will se in the movie. the teaser can just be some cool pics and a some text which don’t have to be in the movie at all.

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A teaser is usually made before going to print. A trailer is an advertisement for a theatrical release.

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A trailer is what I live in and a teaser is that little blond sl_t down the street.

You had to know that was coming…

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Generally speaking, trailers include more plot elements.

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They’re both trailers. Teaser means Teaser-Trailer. The teaser is usually real short and doesn’t say much about the plot. Trailers are longer.

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Teasers also generally come out further away from the actual release of the film then trailers. For example, there was a teaser for Wall-E in 2007, almost a full year before the movie was released. Dark Knight also had a teaser well in advance. Teasers, as someone said, are generally shorter and are meant to build pre-awareness. Marketing-wise, this is quite different from the purpose of a trailer. Teasers also frequently are made before the movie is finished completely, and thusly contain very little actual footage from the movie itself, and sometimes even footage that eventually is cut from the final film, or footage that is created just for the teaser. They generally stay away from any specific plot points, since the movie usually isn’t done yet. Sometimes, the movie even goes through major tonal shifts after the teaser is released. A good example of a current teaser is for Terminator Salvation.

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