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Would you like to troll your girlfriend/boyfriend to see if they'd like cheating on you?

Asked by luigirovatti (2218points) April 30th, 2019

As a matter of fidelity.

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Maybe, if not, you could tell me your (not necessarily actual) reaction of finding out.

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Trust is everything in a relationship.
If it isn’t there then it is not an enriching or worthwhile relationship

But wait! What if I suspect my girlfriend of infidelity with no evidence whatsoever that it is true?
Then you are a paranoid freak and will never have a satisfying relationship so don’t even try.

But wait! What if I have evidence but don’t present it and give my girlfriend a chance to respond.
Then you are a weenie, and she will eventually dump you for being a weenie anyway so might as well get it over with.

People make things complicated as an excuse for failure

It is not that complicated.

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What would you do with the information?

If you found that she was guilty, would you confront her? Or would you keep it a secret? If you confront her, she will ask “how do you know?” and she will dump you because you didn’t trust her.

If you find she is innocent, do you congratulate her? She will dump you because you didn’t trust her and had to test her.

There is nothing good that can come out of trolling her.

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Anybody that did that is too immature to be in a relationship.

Any behavior framed as “would you trolll….” is a bad idea.

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No. What I don’t know can’t hurt me. Generally speaking, of course…

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No, I’m not a scumbag.

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No. Get a job Luigi. You have too much free time.

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No,I would not spend my time on checking on another, but rather improving myself instead.

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No. If you don’t have enough trust in your SO to not do some shit like that then the relationship is already failed anyway.

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No. That’s just paranoia and insecurity at work.

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@Darth_Algar is right, that’s shady on your part. Instead of tricking the person you love, try working on your trust issues. If they want to cheat, they’ll cheat, whether you know or not.

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@stanleybmanly: What makes you think I haven’t one already?

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Anyone subjected to the routine tedium of a job should be dulled against the stuff that runs through. YOUR head.

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