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What are the disadvantages (if any) of using fitness trackers?

Asked by flo (13234points) April 30th, 2019

It never occured to me that there could be disadvantages. (google images /fitness trackers)

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Well, your secret antarctic military base could be exposed on the internet.

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I think that’s an excuse by fat folks to not exercise
But having said that…
It’s good if you need visuals to motivate you.
Not sure I get that. In my opinion being in shape is a primary virtue. You only get one body.
But if it helps why not?

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@ragingloli Do you want to elaborate? I thought it was a joke answer at first.

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@josie But I see Google search/advantages and disadvantages fitness trackers results that say there are disadvantages. I don’t know which one to read.

flo's avatar (Google search/advantages and disadvantages fitness trackers)

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@josie You added to your post above. I wouldn’t have seen it if not by accident.

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Then you may choose to modify your response.
I’m good with that

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I can’t respond because I don’t know what the claim is on the disadvantage side. I only mentioned that you added to your post because it’s not just me here. My eyes just happened to land on it, I’ve started to do “To add to/edit to my last post…” (in a new box/post). Edited to add.

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I’ve changed answers on reflection before
If the change made your response inappropriate in the new context then I apologize in the public thread.
I would hope you would let me know if that happened.

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@josie No, I would say probably it never happened. But this is not just about me, that’s the thing. I’m whispering since it’s not about the topic of the thread.

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It tracks where you are at all times as well.

Big Brother here we come.

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^^^that’s only some traders that know where you are. I had a fit bit for a couple years that did not have a GPS, so there was no location monitoring.

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Some people are concerned about EMF radiation.

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Even if some don’t track where you are, (other devices do that and) it still tracks what you’re doing, and all the health information you give it. That health info could be sold, shared, and used against you by insurance companies, employers, etc.

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I keep meaning to ask my phone provider if there is some internal microphone in my phone that’s always on! I swear, I’ll be talking to someone, in person, face to face, and we can be talking about elephants, and the next thing I know I have ads for elephants start popping up everywhere.

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@Dutchess_III There are microphones, GPS, and cameras, all of which get abused by some apps.

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So, GPS and or EMF radiation. Anything else?

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You are ceding authority to a mere machine, instead of your own free will.
You become a slave to the silicon god.

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@flo Yes, keeping records on your physical activity and whatever else you tell it (some of them do things like heart rate, etc) which might get shared.

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I guess so.

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