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Has anyone noticed a decline in Youtube's quality lately?

Asked by matches_malone (5points) May 1st, 2019

My recommended videos are so terribly random and inaccurate; I get frequent suggestions that have absolutely nothing to do with what I usually watch. And I constantly encounter spotty history. Like I’ll watch a video, close the window, decide I want to go back to it, click on my history, and it won’t be there. And overall, it only shows like 60% of what I’ve actually watched. I can still just look through my internet history to find it, but it takes a little more time to do that, and it’s just annoying. Anyone else notice this about youtube lately?

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I don’t sign in to Google so can’t comment on the history part, but I agree that the recommendation section is going downhill now. Youtube favors channels that make the most money for them, so the shitty channels you see are the one with the most money. Maybe the history is also manipulated that way.

It’s time for us to be more active rather than just sit around and complain. We have to go find good channels on ourselves.

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I think there is just to much saturation of content. So, it’s harder to find the stuff you like.

One could possibly spend their entire life watching videos of guys hurt their testicles. It’s hard to weed out the testicular injuries one prefers to view….

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No, and I really don’t care.

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