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Is it illegal to throw out money (coins, paper bills)?

Asked by theabk (683points) November 11th, 2006
Not that I want to.
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I believe it is, but I suspect enforcement is low.
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I hate pennies. I try to get rid of them whenever possible, although not in the garbage.
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You're SUPPOSED to turn over all old/unwanted cash to the Treasury dept. so they can officially remove it from circulation and destroy. But I'd image no one is enforcing that too seriously.
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wow I am one bad typist.
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I think it is illegal, but not terribly enforceable. I wouldn't want to throw it out, though. If you take your unwanted bills, coins to the bank, they'll give you newer bills for it or trade your coins in for cash. Do you really want to throw money away?
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If you need a place to discard your old cash, let me send you my snail mail address! I did find out (the hard way, again) that it is ILLEGAL to take money out of circulation as in putting into a safety deposit box. I don't see how that can be enforced...and what's the difference between a S.D. box and under the mattress?
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Keep any unwanted money all year then just toss it in salvation army pot at christmas. They take unwanted money.

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With gas prices the way they are, I’d keep every penny I find. I walked around the block and found 5 dollars from people that just throw money down or drop it. It all adds up. I agree with gooch too.

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If it is ILLEGAL to take money out of circulation, then how do you explain the US Mint selling coins for collectors, or the fact that coin shows aren’t raided?

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It’s illegal to destroy it. Discarding or tossing away one’s money is supposed to be bad luck, if you believe in that sort of thing.

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Well one destroys it in the Penny and Quarter machines, but for a price. I like penny pressings. But I went to take my pennies in to the bank today (came up around $8.47) which actually might save me an overdraft charge. But pennies that the bank machine doesn’t count I guess are thrown directly in the trash o_O , always thought banks, especially banks would send them back to the treasury dept to be destroyed. Guess not. :(

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I see pennies in the garbage from time to time. I fish out whatever I can.

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If you have unwanted cash, I can help. I will provide you with an address where your unwanted money can be send and where it will be appreciated.

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I engage in money laundering frequently – I leave coins in my pocket (or occasionally dollar bills) and they get tossed around in the washer and dryer.

A couple times I have fished them out of the washer (and in the case of the coins) tossed them away.

The question is: who is going to know that I threw out 12 pennies, and what can they do about it?

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