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What are a good pair of sunglasses for an Asian face?

Asked by zzztimbo (61points) July 29th, 2007

The stereotype is true. I have what you would call a flatish face. I don't have a Roman nose, therefore most sunglasses that I try on don't fit me that well. I've noticed that many brands like Spy, Smith and most Oakley models are made for people with prominent noses.

What are good brand/models for Asian faces?

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I'll answer with another question. What type of sunglasses does Russell Wong wear? If we find that out, we have your answer.

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small little squarish ones

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Oakley offer an "Asian Fit" line of sunglasses.

Call me crazy, but that might be what you're after.

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the coolest glasses on the
planet are made by chrome hearts, I bought "the beast iii" there crazy expensive but if your like me and take care of them and know you won't lose them, totally worth the money!

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daragh, you answered a question for which I thought there was no answer.

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