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What are the things that inspire you to feel happy and hopeful?

Asked by mazingerz88 (24914points) May 2nd, 2019 from iPhone

As asked.

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Real heroes, not those trumped-up ones so many people think of as being heroic.
Pretty girls.
A good hamburger.
A dependable and attractive car or truck.
A GOOD friend! A real one!

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The evidence of the influence of the Divine in everyday life that provides an ongoing sense of wonder.

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I (an old man) enjoy the enthusiasm and energy of young people. It gives me energy and and also a warm feeling that the future is in good shape when I’m gone.

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I see those as two different things.

Nothing really makes me feel hopeful at this moment in history.

What makes me happy are good times with close friends, music, reading, movies and theater, long walks, good food, and contact with my kids.

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Happiness is having fun with friends and family. Fun can be almost anything. As long as there is positive thoughts and genuine appreciation of being together it can be just hanging out talking, taking a class together, TV, really almost anything.

What makes me hopeful? It’s a little tricky right now, but overall what makes me hopeful is feeling fairly healthy, and when I feel on the same path with my husband. It’s not perfect right now, but I’m trying.

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I’m with @janbb

I don’t feel hopeful about the future.

But there are many things within my own tiny bubble of life that make me happy:

Good friends
Good family
Dogs and cats
Time alone to chill
Getting lost in good books
Watching good movies
Eating delicious food
Taking pictures
The forest
A little bit of snow
Morning coffee
Iced tea
Ice skating
Listening to good music
Traveling for pleasure
Walking at the beach
Planning vacations
Comfortable beds
Spring planting
Finding money in a purse I haven’t used in awhile

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