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Before deciding who is right and who is wrong, I think some tests need to be done to determine if any woman can run faster than other women with extra testosterone in her system.

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@kritiper But I believe that’s a given isn’t it? People with XY chromosomes higher level of testosterone have way more advantage, and that’s why there is male x y z sports and female x, y z sports.

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…And she did win 2 times in the olympics, which is why the complaint and the ruling.

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Yes but men are born with it, live their whole lives with it. Women, not so much.

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I think she is being treated unfairly. She is a female. She happens to have been born with an overabundance of testosterone. She isn’t injecting it or swallowing it; it is as innate a part of her teeth or her skin.

It’s nothing that she has control over. Why should she be penalized and disqualified? No reason other than the other competitors are sore about her because she’s faster than they are. It’s not like the case of the Russian olympic team where most of them were being supplied illegal drugs. That was wrong. This is nothing like it.

If this sanction is allowed to stand, then we start down that slippery slope (again). Disqualify all men with long legs, so the short ones can compete. Disqualify all gymnasts with small breasts, because then big-boobed women can better compete. And so on.

This sanction is wrong.

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I agree with @elbanditoroso Overnight, would it make her any slower and more competitive in a woman to woman race if they take her natural testosterone away?

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One of those situations where no one is right or wrong, just that life throws up complications.
All I will say though is when it comes to competitive sports, a biological advantage in which one competitor stands alone is inherently unfair & therefore subject to scrutiny.
I feel for her personally, I really do.

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What if a genius who really should be in many grade up or even in university, instead of 6th grade or something, and is always the one winning whatever is there to win?

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