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Have you ever had your carotids checked?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (21437points) May 4th, 2019

What prompted you to do so? Have you had any problems with Carotid Artery Disease?

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I’ve had ultrasound, they found one artery has a zig-zag and the other was straight. PCP heard something and scheduled me for ultrasound. No thinning.

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@Tropical_Willie can they do anything about that?

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In my case, I don’t think I want to have someone messing with my Carotid Artery. We just know the “Sound” difference is; routing of artery and not a narrow artery which would be prone to clots.

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Just listened to with a stethoscope.

I probably should have an ultrasound, I don’t think listening is all that full proof.

My dad was a heart disease patient for many years. Eventually, his GP was transferred, and the new doctor listened to his carotid, something the other guy had never done. Within days he had an ultrasound, then an MRI (I’m pretty sure it was an MRI not a CT) they verified his blood goes from side to side perfectly, and then they scheduled him for surgery.

When they did the surgery the plan was to fix the artery, however they do it. Maybe it’s a stent or they clean, I actually don’t know. He was 90% occluded, they felt trying to fix it might cause a stroke, so they completely tied it off instead.

By the way he had no symptoms of any sort. I guess because his blood moves well from side to side in the brain. If they had been monitoring his carotids since his bypass he would probably still have both arteries. If the other one gets blocked I assume he dies. My guess is it’s at least partially blocked.

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