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I want crocs but my parents say they are ugly. How can I convince them to get me them for my birthday?

Asked by sketchy_art (4points) May 5th, 2019

I would be wearing them to school and I wouldn’t wear them covered in jibbitz like they think I would.

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I hate to say this, but Crocs are ugly. Doesn’t matter what color – they just are nasty.

They are also pretty much 2015 – way out of fashion. Why do you want them?

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Just get a nice pair of socks and sandals.

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But she wants crocs!

How old are you? Instead of asking for them for your birthday, is there a way you could earn the money and buy them yourself? Maybe ask your parents if you could do chores that would let you earn the money to buy them.

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Point out that Crocs are very versatile and are very comfortable. You see many different people wearing them including doctors, nurses, dentists, etc. Tell them you aren’t a fashionista…you aren’t looking for designer shoes. Tell them you are looking for comfort and versatility. Just don’t ask for the Camo design ones!

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Find photos of people they respect wearing the ugly suckers, but the better strategy is to find a gig, acquire your own money and buy the things yourself. But hurry. There’s an excellent chance they will
still be new on your feet when they pass out of style.

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Wait, maybe they will surprise you for your Birthday?

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Yes, ask for chores that pay. Buy them. I love shoes, but crocs? Invest in sneaks or jimmy choo’s!

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Crocs are very ugly but damn they are comfortable, I started developing a heal spur a few years back broke down bought a pair of crocs and in a few weeks my heal spur was gone.

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