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Why is the title of the following book interesting?

Asked by flo (11923points) 2 weeks ago

Interesting in any way positive, or negative, etc. It’sabout her escape oppression from Iran.

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Suppose the answer is “I don’t find the title interesting”?

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I don’t see it as interesting.

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From the title, I would deduce that it’s just another person fleeing a controlling religion. I’m pleased when people wake up, but it isn’t something that I would be interested in reading.

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The title is a big “so what”. There are plenty of women around the world (outside Iran) that choose to wear a hijab.

So whoopity doo for her. Means nothing. I wouldn’t read it.

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I do not think the title is interesting.
Now, if the title was “Fleeing from the Priest”, now that would be interesting.

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I don’t plan to read it but the title probably attracts more attention than “Fleeing the Headscarf” would.

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Well I suppose the good thing is that it states clearly what the story is about and that is the main reason for a good title. It lets the buyer know in a simple title what to expect on the topic.

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