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Hypothetically speaking, if you were adopted as a child, and then married someone and soon found out afterwards that you are first cousins, would you stay married?

Asked by rockfan (12972points) May 5th, 2019 from iPhone

Seems like a strange question, but a recent story in the news sparked this moral question.

What are your thoughts?

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I’d also add, my hypothetical scenario is a different circumstance than the people on Dr. Phil. I think mine is more morally ambiguous

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Probably, but I’m not completely sure. When I think about marrying a first cousin it is hard for me to go there in my mind, it feels like incest to me; I’d say it feels like a natural taboo. But, finding out after already married, it would be really difficult to reverse course when that was the person I thought I was going to be with the rest of my life.

Lots of first cousins have been married over the years. I personally have friends who are married and first cousins.

I watched the clip, and I agree with the other cousin that what the couple does on Facebook is inappropriate.

The cousin mentioned it was illegal, I don’t know what state they are in, but it’s legal in a large number of states. I looked it up a few years ago for another discussion I was in, my assumptions is the laws haven’t changed much. It isn’t all southern states by a long shot, which would be the stereotype I think. Many northern, midwestern, western, and even the west coast were on the list if I remember correctly.

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Of course.
Now, if you were talking about a sibling, the answer would be still yes.

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First cousins can marry in many states.

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Also, it’s not extremely risky genetically speaking regarding children. A lot of people point to increased risk of genetic diseases, and there is an increase, but it’s still low. Siblings have a much much higher risk.

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Well after the fact , they ARE still married and legally.

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When it comes to that kind of thing, I wouldn’t make a spectacle about it and I would stay married. I tend to think of it along the lines of polygamy, nudists, or any other non-traditional lifestyle- if it means that much to you, life your best life and cut out the detractors.

I’m a little confused though, because in the video, it says they’ve known they loved each other all their lives, so obviously they knew they were cousins and married despite the taboo. So there’s no real shock in the repercussions, which can include losing other family members who disagree with your lifestyle.

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See this link as there are long term effects down the gene passed down.
Specifically this note:
A person who carries a mutation in only one copy of a gene, but where a mutation in both copies of that gene is required to cause a genetic condition. The carrier is therefore usually unaffected by the genetic condition, but can transmit the mutated gene to their children, who will be affected if they have mutations in both copies of the gene.

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@Inspired_2write But having children is a choice, I didn’t see anything about them wanting to procreate, unless I missed that.

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I actually know two first cousins who married and had a child.

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@Inspired_2write Some ethnicities have a higher chance of recessive traits, because the group has been tight knit over centuries.

I saw on a talent show two sister who sang, both with CF, and they were two of four siblings, and all the kids had CF. Those parents just kept making babies who can’t breath well. They knew the genetic risk was there after the first baby. For all 4 to have it is really crappy, they should play the lotto, but after two I would think that’s enough gambling.

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@JLeslie I don’t think that’s fair to the children to make a selfish choice, but it’s a free country I guess.

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It would be a non issue.

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