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If I were to make a Q&A website, how would I make it unique?

Asked by Anonymous9056 (7points) May 6th, 2019

I need creative ideas not yet made

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With all respect, why not spend some time here and see what works, and what doesn’t work? And then make your own decisions about what’s important. There are plenty of other Q&A sites out there as well – spend some time to compare and contrast.

You also need to give serious thought to your revenue stream. If you’re going to handle a lot of users and grow, you’re going to need some decent sized servers and telecom connections, and those cost money. How will your Q&A site differentiate itself from others and make enough money to sustain itself?

Finally, if you want to be taken seriously, do a better job of naming yourself. “Anonymous9056” doesn’t give me a feeling of confidence that you are serious.

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Have different category’s and questions and answers in each ?

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Make it possible so members can block specific members, not so that they can’t participate, but so they can’t see what you post, and vice versa.

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Give the users a cut of the profits.

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The more power that individual users have, the less likely that it will be successful. You cannot please everyone, and some people’s needs/thoughts change randomly, keeping any progress from gaining traction.

I took over a fantasy football league once, as the commissioner. I tried to give credence to each coaches concerns. We were only 12 people, who knew each other for years. It didn’t take long to realize that very few shared the same interests in scoring, or how trades were handled. I received near constant complaints about every detail. Every time I changed something for someone, three other people got pissed.

In short. I set out to make a sort of democratic league, where the coaches decided how it operated. A utopian league, where all voices/opinions were taken seriously. Well…. People can’t work that way. The league was abandoned by most coaches after a couple seasons. All of the coaches immigrated back to the original leagues that they all complained about (which led to my league being started to begin with. )

Make some sensible rules, and apply them as consistently as possible. You will still have lots of issues. You’ll need an army of Mods, and they’ll be expected to be more unbiased than the SCOTUS, with response times better than any real life emergency services.

Side note. The OP’s name , and chosen subject matter, smells of a disgruntled former Flutherite, attempting to make a new Q n A site. One in which they feel they will always be content… An unrealistic endeavor…

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Make it like Jeopardy! Give the answer and clicking the link will take you to the question.

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Have redeemable points for prizes or something worth while.

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If a person or organization had the financial capacity, it would make a great Q & A site to recruit professionals or other experts who could field various questions and discussions with some level of trust. Even as askers it would be a good feature. For instance, if they were to find an article or study which intrigues them, they could pose questions associated with gathering information to satisfy their own curiosities.

Fluther has become too laser pointer downsized. It is basically a writer’s forum and socialist activist recruitment center.
A site with a variety of professionals would pop.

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