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I think it’s a great idea as part of gym class. Maybe in junior high.

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Why not? It’s a great idea.

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It could be a physical education elective.

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Sure. I took both boxing and wrestling in PE in high school. My daughter’s college has a PE requirement, she took self defense winter term.

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If people can defend themselves well enough with bare hands, they won’t have to be so fearful and carry a gun.

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As an adult I took a course in Aikido. In addition to any self-defense I might have learned, the course was of interest in and of itself, teaching about balance and ways of using an opponent’s movements against them. We took turns acting as defender and attacker. As an attacker, I felt as though I was in control, until I inexplicably found myself thrown to the ground. This would be a wonderful class to make available to public school students.

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I spent 7 years to get to brown belt in Aikido. That’s about the level where I know the techniques, but am not good enough to prevent injury to the other party if they try anything. I feel comfortable walking around by myself.

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