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What does it mean when you throw up blood?

Asked by NYChris (26points) July 29th, 2007 from iPhone

I wasn't feeling well earlier after I had ate and when I was smoking I may have swallowed a little smoke and went to bathroom and threw up my food then it came up again all bloody. What's going on here? Am I dying?

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put down the iphone and go to urgent care. it could be an ulcer, could be something more serious.

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it means you should go to the emergency room.

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Doubt you're dying - but yes, get it checked out.

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if you're not in the ER by now, go

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It is usually only an IMMEDIATE emergency problem if it is a lot of blood, and the blood is bright red. But even if it is not an immediate problem, this is a symptom that should be checked out promptly. It could be something minor, or it could be the start of something very serious, even potentially life-threatening.

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I too would suggest to go to the doctor.

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yea that's the obvious answer I guess. Or maybe I can just hope that it was from the ketchup I was eating with my fries. I hate making appointments with doctors.

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Interesting fact: You don't need to make an appointment to go to the ER (or Urgent care, etc.).

If you're throwing up blood (or what you think might be blood), you should go to the ER or Urgent care, not your doctor.

No-- really.

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Are you throwing it up, or coughing it up?

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when you say "I hate making appointments with doctors", it's like you're saying "I love spending extra $$ curing a thing that could be prevented" or even saying "I love making appointments with autopsy people" ... get my point?

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perhaps go to the ER!!! NOW!

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So, was it the ketchup? Don’t keep us in suspense!

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yeah i would gooooooooo to the doctor as soon as posible

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It means you need to go to the hospital!

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So what happened with that bc my boyfriend had the same crap happen to him lastnight and refused to go to the hospital! grrrrrr.!!! So fill me in plzzzzzz on this thankx.!

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it surly is a big problem with your health as soon as you find that you are throwing up blood drink some fluid with multi vitamans and call to make an appointment as soon as possible because there could be something wrong with your liver or other parts of your endocrine system. i suggest whoever is going through this do as i say so. or maybe somthing better good luck to those of what im talking about. god be with you..


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There isn’t supposed to be blood in your stomach. You aren’t supposed to throw up. More importantly, there isn’t supposed to be stomach fluid/contents in your blood. If you are only bleeding into your stomach, you’re kind of okay. However, if the stuff in your stomach works its way into your bloodstream, that’s sepsis and super-serious.

So: If there is blood in your stomach and you are throwing up, it is a serious condition and you shouldn’t make an appointment, you should go straight to the emergency room or an immediate care center.

And I would advise against multivitamins, they could just aggrivate the condition.

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It means ..
Get offline and go to the emergency room.

Why would you vomit blood, then go online and ask others about it?
Would you break your arm and ask others what they thought of it?


hey im 16 and the same thing happend to me but not as bad,i had my breakfast after i smoked then i heaved and puked up,when i was being sick at the end a small amount of blood came up,what should i do? and what could it be?

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I was in a motorcycle accident yesterday I hit a car and my lower stomach hit the gas tank. I was breathing hard and later threw up the burger I had just ate and there was bright blood on top of it. I didn’t go to the hospital I just layed down and after a while I started feeling better.

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blah blah come on you are so not that dumb i mean its so obvious doctor asap

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my frend is 13 and she has being pucking blood for nearly two months now she has only told me she wont tell her mam or no-one else

im really worried
what could it be ?

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i threw up blood last night to and when i woke up this morning, but i also threw up continously last night be4 the blood followed. When i woke up today my stomach felt bad, but i didn’t vomit any food…just blood. And right now i have a problem i should have went to the emergency room last night

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