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Have you ever taken a course, a class, or taken a test that you SHOULD have done extremely well in, due to your knowledge. experience or interest, but did only average or less than average?

Asked by Yellowdog (10563points) May 7th, 2019

Sometimes, the course or test requires rote memory or multiple choice type answers. You perhaps could write essays, instructions, or even teach the course—but maybe the course required just hard rote memory of facts.

Or, maybe the instructor didn’t know the topic well, or the software did not allow you to do labwork or complete the necessary steps to finish projects.

Or, maybe, as is often the case, you have interest in a general way and familiarity with the topic, but just found it hard to learn the material. Some of us, for instance, do not do well learning languages, music, certain recreational activities, physics required for a science, etc etc.

Then, maybe other responsibilities in your life, such as a new job or home responsibilities, kept you from putting your best effort in your projects related to the course.

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Yes. A few times, mainly in serious university classes, mainly due to surprising slips on test highly-weighted questions, or the class I got an A in except for the last assignment I didn’t think I needed to do, which they then said yes I did, and I needed to re-get the assignment description from a classmate, and I decided I’d rather just withdraw than continue to work under professors who thought that was an appropriate way to treat me.

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Sure. Usually, because I didn’t read the course material. I regret it.

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When I decided to drop out of school, it was because we moved so many times my credits wouldn’t even match up. My GED scores were 98% and up. My only low score on the ASVAB was mechanics. I even scored high on electronics which I had only gone through the night before with my brother for an hour.
Took an Air Force test to determine my capacity for foreign language and codes. That was all on audio tape, so no going back to previous questions. I nailed that.
Tests have never been a problem for me…
Until that van hit me a few years back. Now I have difficulty filling out forms, any forms, but especially the kind which have questions in both vertical and horizontal layout.
I breeze through if somebody reads the questions to me, and writes the answers for me.

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