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Do you know a Kimberly Miller?

Asked by MissAnthrope (21491points) August 25th, 2008

This is kind of random, but I’m at a loss as to how to proceed. I was best friends with a girl named Kimberly Michelle Miller when I went to Cabrillo College near Santa Cruz, CA. She moved to Berkeley to go to school and we fell out of touch. Now I have no way to contact her, her parents have apparently moved, too.

I’ve been searching for her for years.. she doesn’t seem to be on Facebook or MySpace, her name is too common to reliably search through the phone book or internet, so my next step after this is to make a website and hope it gets passed around and eventually I’ll find her…

So, the Kim I’m looking for:
– Plays (or played) clarinet
– Had her nose pierced
– Her birthday is 9/15/77
– Grew up in Livermore, CA
– Attended UC Berkeley for Environmental Science
– Went backpacking with me in Europe for 3 weeks

I’m pretty sure she’d like to make contact with me again, so if you know her, would you let her know Alena’s looking for her? :)

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Contact the Alum. offices of both Cabrillo and UCBES. Ask if they have contact info and whether they would be willing to send her your contact info. That way, Kim can decide what to do, and her confidentiality hasn’t been (what’s the verb I want? I can’t think of it but you know what I mean.).....

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Got it. Her confidentiality hasn’t been breached.

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Alena: I think it is great that you are trying to get in touch w/ your old friend. In all honesty however, if I were K Miller, I wouldn’t appreciate you posting all of this info about me on the internet. Specifically her full name, date of birth, and general previous addresses.

I hope you are able to locate her… of luck

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You could try one of the many people search websites such as Once you provide the relevant information, it does a public/private database search to give you hits, and then you have to cough up some dough to get the most up to date information. Since you already know some history, it should be easy to identify her current whereabouts.

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My biological dad also has a pretty common name. I was able to find his phone number and address by just doing a basic people search. I didn’t even have to spend any money, since I knew his age, where he was currently living/had lived in the past, and relatives.

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I’ve been moving this week and unable to check back here until now.. I want to say thanks to those who have responded so far.

@Snoopy – I hadn’t thought of that until my friend mentioned it later, but by then it was too late to go back and delete. I personally wouldn’t mind if what I posted was posted about me, but in this day and age, I suppose there are privacy issues. Am I naive in thinking that not much damage can be done with her name and birthday? I have used Google and various people search engines over the years and come up with nothing, even knowing this information and more.

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Alena I think that you have probably done no great harm….But no need to make it easier for an identity theif, would be my point. If you feel that you want the question or that info pulled, I am sure the moderators would oblige you

I think that if you are willing to pay $30 or so you can contact one of those sites that they use on all of those daytime talkshows, which are advertised on same.

I like the idea that gail suggested——contacting your old schools that you have in common as an alumni reaching out to another alumni. I think that this is your best bet….

Good luck :)

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