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What Dungeons and Dragons alignment, character class, and level do you see the various characters in Game of Thrones?

Asked by Caravanfan (10715points) May 8th, 2019

I’ll start. Debate allowed:

Brienne: lawful good high level paladin
Arya: chaotic neutral high level monk-assassin dual class

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Podrick: lawful good low level bard?

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Cersi—high level lawful evil noble
Melisandre high level neutral evil cleric.

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I can’t stand D&D. I think classes are reductive and silly, and alignments are even more reductive and silly. Play GURPS instead. GRRM does. ;-) Or The Fantasy Trip, or the Game of Thrones RPG.

Also probably why the combat GRRM wrote actually makes sense and is fairly gritty and about what people do exactly (not about what level/class they are and how many hit points they have left).

I think the writers of the last two seasons, if they game at all, are probably story-gamers, where they think the coolness of the drama justifies nothing making sense. (Even worse than D&D)

But to answer the question… I’d use original 0D&D, where there are only 3 classes, almost everyone is an NPC or Fighter (but again, GRRM combat doesn’t play like D&D), there are a very few Magic-Users (Melisandre, the Sorcerors of Myr, Warlocks of Qarth), various Septas/Septons and other religious people are Clerics but the magic and cleric spells are all different from D&D spells, as are the way they work. There are also Maesters who mainly just know things.

The D&D alignment system doesn’t particularly apply to GoT, but you might find some coincidental overlap.

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@Zaku I realize that there isn’t a 100% congruency between D&D and GoT. I play D&D so that’s why I asked the question. (I have played GURPS too, but my group does 3.5 and 5e as well as d20 modern). It’s just a question for fun.

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Jon Snow: neutral good high level ranger.
Tormund Giantsbane: chaotic neutral high level barbarian.
Brandon Stark: neutral neutral high level diviner.
Qyburn: lawful evil cleric/necromancer?

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@Caravanfan Sure. That’s just my view, and my idea of fun.

I was wrong though about Melisandre as Magic User – clearly a “cleric” of the Lord of Light.

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@gorillapaws excellent.
Night King neutral evil hero level undead cleric/necromancer

Jamie is tough. He is obviously a high level fighter, but I think he’s changed alignment. He clearly started out as lawful evil, but honestly I think that Brienne’s paladin influence turned him into lawful good. But I can be persuaded differently.

Dany I’m going to go with fire mage as she’s immune to fire. And I’m going to go with true neutral for her, or even chaotic neutral.

@Zaku The one time I played GURPS I enjoyed it. I liked the character creation bit. It’s interesting about Mel, she clearly is evil, so the Lord of Light doesn’t care about whether you are evil or good. That other dude—that drunk cleric who kept resurrecting that guy with one eye (blocking on the name) was clearly chaotic good. (and just for the record, I think alignment is stupid and GURPS has that right. d20 modern doesn’t have alignment and I like that better)

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Beric Dondarrion. Started more “lawful good” as Eddard Stark’s enforcer, then got converted.

One of the reasons alignment is nonsense is that it acts like there are only two axes of morality and they are absolute. GoT is an easy example of how no one really fits into an alignment niche, and also of how the alignments themselves vary both by culture and by specific creed, not to mention by individual.

How lawful can Jamie be and still push children out of windows and strangle his relatives, etc? Seems to me he takes advantage of lawful behavior when it suits him, but is fundamentally “chaotic”, except I don’t really believe in that being a real way actual people, or even that fictional character, are.

I don’t think Melisandre was evil from her own perspective. She just had very different values and cultural/religious orientation, from which she was a devoted paragon. Many paragons look virtuous to their own but evil to others.

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@Zaku Agree on Jamie, although you could make the argument that he is lawful because he is protecting his family.

Interesting perspective on Mel, and it goes into the question of what is “evil”? I called her evil because she stole blood from the blood of kings to make her potions and burned a young girl alive.

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I think the difficulty is because the alignment framework doesn’t apply, neither to the culture nor to the characters. Jamie of course develops and changes his framework and his own view of his place in it. But I don’t see him valuing the “Lawful” aspect of it as a point of conscience at any point. He learned from his father that might makes right, and when for example his father was angry with him for not murdering Eddard, that was his Code of Honor (q.v. GURPS by the way) not Lawfulness (also q.v. GURPS), as he had just attacked and killed men of the King’s Hand.

Melisandre is intentionally presented as mysterious including what her moral code might be, but it seems pretty clear eventually that she is a loyal servant of her god, working towards what she thinks is the greater big-picture good as communicated (she thinks) by that god. She has a code where the ends justify the means, and whatever her god communicates is good. (kind of like how some Christians and Muslims think some violence they think their God wants them to do is good, and others see that as evil)

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