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Where do you get courage when you need it?

Asked by mazingerz88 (24915points) May 8th, 2019

As asked.

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From the sense of self that something difficult but right needs to be done, despite it leaving one vulnerable.

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I imagine inspirational video game music.

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Courage to do what

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The gun cabinet?

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Depends on the thing. In a life or death situation it’s adrenaline, impulse, and self preservation.

In matters of money, I have very little courage. What looks like courage on the outside is actually acceptance that if I lose the money I won’t die. In other words, I’m not courageous, but rather in a place of acceptance. It actually doesn’t feel good at all. Feels more like being run over. I never feel good about it until I actually come out ok on the other side. Meaning, if it’s an investment or gamble, I don’t feel good until I actually realize the profit in my pocket book. If it’s a house, even while enjoying my house I worry about the price going up or down. It’s horrible.

In matters of love I never needed courage, thank goodness. Not yet anyway.

I guess for me is it’s simply that I do whatever it is, even though I’m frightened.

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I think of close family, especially my mom and sister who have passed on, and know they would/could have done it. I imagine they are with me.

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For me, it depends on what the situation is. Courage to discuss something that is an uncomfortable subject? It depends on who I’m discussing it with and what the subject is. Courage to purchase something? Courage in reference to something physical (rescuing someone from a burning building?). Some things I can be courageous about, some things not.

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I decided a decade ago to live without fear, its just a mindset change. You wouldnt believe how life can change for the better when you become fearless. Every aspect of life improved from finance to social. It also helps to truly not care what anyone thinks of you, that hump is the hardest for me, or was, but it freed me to pursue my best life.

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At the pub, of course. courage

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